5 Ways a Business Coach Can Help You as a Dog Trainer

As a dog trainer, are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and responsibilities? A business coach can help you get on top of your game, so that you can free up valuable time for what matters most: your clients and their dogs....

Are you trying to pour from an empty cup?

As an ambitious pet professional, you can often find yourself helping others, more than you help yourself and taking on more work than was first expected. But it’s so important to be aware of our personal limitations to keep the balance right. How are...

The Dangers of Redirected Aggression in Humans

When people are having a tough time, frustrated or unhappy it can bring out the worst in them. Facebook can be a great tool for people to use, especially when building a business or keeping in touch with friends or family. So why is...

The importance of not over exercising a puppy

Long walks can be extremely damaging for a puppy. If you are a dog walker, trainer or a new puppy owner it’s important to remember that unlike most adult dogs long walks are not recommended. Group walks should be avoided and new dog owners...

Why PPN doesn’t recommend or promote head collars

PPN doesn’t promote or recommend the use of equipment such as head collars that can restrict the dog of its natural movement or work to stop pulling by adding pressure. However, we understand in some cases they are used as a last option for...

Do you feel like a fraud?

‘5 easy steps to boost your confidence’ Two very DIRTY words…IMPOSTER SYNDROME It’s fair to say many pet professionals feel like a fraud, they constantly compare themselves to others and don’t believe they are good enough. This is a well known psychological phenomenon, known...

The most important part of your business is YOU

The Pet Professional Network is all about supporting what’s holding the end of the lead. The heart of your business. The one person who makes the cogs turn. We are so busy caring about others that we often FORGET to care about OURSELVES. But...

Stop making dog owners feel guilty

We are here to help dog owners and make them feel GOOD about themselves When we coach and train, It’s not only about helping the dog but also what’s at the end of the lead – the dog owner. When I walked into my...

Do you worry about posting in online groups?

What will they THINK? As I write these words, the little Nagging Nora starts. Delete. Stop. Another day. If you are anything like most of us you take forever to write content and procrastinate about asking what seems the simplest question on social media....

The 6 biggest pet professional mistakes

When we start a new business or are looking to expand, it can be difficult to cut through the noise on social media. We often get tempted to just share our courses and services far and wide, but this often can look spammy or...

5 reasons that client didn’t get back to you

5 reasons why that client DIDN’T get back to you (And It’s not usually anything you’ve done wrong). You had an email from a potential client, really interested in your walks or training, then… NOTHING. They seemed to have dropped off the face of...

Collaborate don’t compete!

There’s enough cake for everyone. Working in collaboration – there’s enough cake for everyone! That’s right – help support each other. If I could offer one great piece of advice it would be to work in collaboration with other local pet professionals, even if...

Be kind to other pet professionals

“Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” —Buddha In an industry where kindness to animals is at the forefront of our philosophy sadly we still occasionally see the opposite when it comes to people? Particulary other...

I’m scared about the competition

What if the competition was your perfect ally? Someone who could push your business forward and cross refer. Well that’s exactly how things started for me. 4 months into my business things were going well. But I was still struggling to fill a few...

You are not a rubbish dog trainer

Despite what you may sometimes think, you are doing an amazing job. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop putting yourself down. You see we are all at different points in our journey, some of you may have just started, some may have years of...

Why giving discounts is bad news for your business

NO SALE! We’ve all had it, that client looking for a deal… “But trainer X charges this much”, “Walkies down the road do an extra walk at a discount”, “I bought this lead off eBay only for £5”. Everybody loves a bargain. But you are...

You are good enough

I’ve said this once before and I will say it again – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH Are you lying awake in bed at night? Constantly worrying about what others think? Perhaps that last blog post wasn’t good enough? Quite frankly I’m sad to keep...

Our Ambassador – Bethany Grace

Our Ambassador – Bethany Grace of Bonny Dog Behaviour In the Pet Professional Network we celebrate business success, one lady who really stands out and takes action is the lovely Bethany. We chose her as one of our Ambassadors as she has done incredible...

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