Our story

Network in a safe, kind community whilst having more time, greater confidence and fun in your pet business.

Running your business can be a lonely and often thankless task.

“Am I doing it right? Do I have enough knowledge? Enough experience? Enough income?”

PPN offers something very unique; a safe and confidential platform to join your ‘cheerleaders’ without feeling you are being judged or belittled.

Hi I’m Helen and I help ambitious, hardworking pet professionals get more profit and prestige in their business.

With a background in counselling, animal behaviour, mentoring and business coaching – I combined my skills and my love of working with people and animals and created a very special community. 

In 2017, I was bullied and at the point of burnout. I was targeted by a local dog trainer, who started sharing negative posts to discredit my business. Fortunately I sought legal advice and support from my peers and the posts stopped. However I was left feeling singled out and felt I needed a safe community I could turn to.  Then my life changed for the better, finally giving me hope to move forward when I started my own Facebook group. This helped me to seek refuge from my life as a pet care entrepreneur giving me the potential to help thousands of other professionals, like myself, who had been bullied or had experienced issues in their business. 

This refuge, turned into something incredibly powerful and I craved the opportunity to help other pet entrepreneurs find the same joy in their careers. Where I was once lonely and isolated I now was receiving dozens of messages filling my inbox. I was surprised by how suddenly a community of pet care entrepreneurs came together to share their experience, strength, and hope. I now have a new found confidence and a real purpose to help others on their journey. 

As the community expanded, I was fuelled with this new found passion and wanted much more than just a Facebook Group and launched an official organisation, one which would not only improve standards in the industry as a whole, but a place you could receive additional accountability.

The Pet Professional Network was born!

PPN is the first business support organisation and membership for pet professionals who do not use any form of aversive methodology (pain or intimidation) to train, walk or care for any pet. From my own personal results working with thousands of pets and rescue dogs, I’ve seen first hand how training without fear or force has given long term results – confident dogs and happy owners.  We apply this philosophy to people, too; employing a strict anti-bullying policy to protect our members, which fosters a true sense of belonging in a safe and confidential environment.

Our private confidential Facebook group is really special – our dedicated team of admin ensure things run smoothly with our weekly topics and regular Facebook Lives. Our topics include all the support you need with getting long term clients, increasing your confidence and finding the perfect work life balance. Plus our regular Lives are presented by some of the top industry experts who through their own experiences and journey can give you advice on what really works, without you having to waste money on courses or time reading articles which fail to offer solutions that work. 

As a member you will receive additional benefits including a full listing on our recommended directory.  A great resource for pet owners and pet professionals looking to connect and support each other. Plus download hundreds of assets and resources such as training templates, terms and conditions and literature on common marketing themes.

Raising the standards to help support more pet owners

Being part of our community means you give the confidence that you are providing your clients ethical, kind and effective services to help move them forward with a strong emphasis on the importance of long term support.

Ongoing CPD

We encourage ongoing learning which includes personal and business development. Members are asked to complete a minimum of 25 hours CPD each year. This is from a range of online courses/academic courses or study and offline practical courses (homework/workbooks with additional research/study is included in the total). We also run our own dog training course as part of our sister association ‘The Distinctive Dog Trainer Academy’ a mix of geek out sessions and business modules to develop your niche and offering. 

We recommend CPD including business development, marketing, personal development and anything that develops your skills and knowledge in your area of work.

Our learning hub records points but for other service providers please keep a record manually. 

Our motto is ‘together we are stronger’ and we are a people focused organisation.

– Helen Motteram (BSc Hons, Animal Welfare and behaviour)

Founder and Manager of the Pet professional Network

You can apply to join today by clicking through to our simple registration process: REGISTER TODAY 


Your journey

Welcome to your exciting new journey!

Join our friendly community

As an ambitious pet professional who loves both animals and helping pet owners we believe you deserve an organisation that's all about you. An organisation that gives you the tools to empower you to streamline your business, build your confidence and have more time to do the things you love with your own pets.

Membership is an online assessment process, only opening once every two months to keep our community both personalised with a warm welcome.

You can apply to be on our waiting list below: 


Meet our team

With the help of our dedicated Team, Affiliate Members and their supporting organisations we are on hand to give you full support. 

Social Paws
Helen Motteram
Founder and Manager
Bonny Dog Behaviour
Bethany Grace
PPN Founding Ambassador
Worzel Wooface
Cath Pickles
Mediator & Complaints Specialist
Fearless business
Robin Waite
Business Coach & Mentor
Nathan The Dog Trainer
Nathan Leighton
Ambassador (CPD and student support)
Parker's Barkers
Samantha Parker
Admin Support
VIP Dog Training Services
Dale Foley
Admin Support
Dog Training With Charly
Charly Kay
Admin Support
Nikki Birkett Dog Training
Nikki Birkett
Membership complaints and support
Allsorts Dog Training
Gill Gallagher
Admin Support
Rachel Spencer Writes
Rachel Spencer
Media and PR
Pooches and Paws
Nikki Clark
Admin and community support
Canine Hoopers World
Carrie-Anne Selwyn
Ambassador (for PPN coaches)
Delders Dogs
Adam Delderfield
Ambassador (for PPN coaches)
Nathan's Paw Training
Nathan Dunleavy
Admin support

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
UK sniffer dogs
Canine Confidence
Do no harm dog training
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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