All members will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions (as laid out below) when registering as a member. You will agree to follow the following statements:


  • To provide the best long term/follow up support for clients.
  • To carry the appropriate insurance for your services, including public liability.
  • To have the appropriate licence (boarding facilities).
  • To continue professional and personal development in all areas of marketing, practical skills and updating current knowledge of pet care, training and welfare legislations.
  • To only take on clients and their pets with whom you can work within your professional limits. If these go beyond the following you must either:
  • Agree to refer the client on to another professional, who has the appropriate skills or knowledge.
  • Continue professional development to enhance this skillset or knowledge.
  • Seek appropriate assessments or mentoring opportunities to further your knowledge.
  • To not spam other members with unsolicited emails or messages, of your services or products, unless they have requested your help.


  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients and other members, this includes screenshots and sharing information outside of the group. This is strictly forbidden.


  • To actively provide and promote force-free training and handling methods.
  • To reject training and/or handling methods that cause unnecessary discomfort, both physical or mental; This includes verbal and physical corrections and training tools or equipment used in training and everyday handling methods that are designed to startle, scare or be adversive to dogs through: intimidation, tightening, restricting to prevent pulling, pain, shock.
  • Tools and equipment we actively reject and do not promote the use of in training and everyday handling methods include but not exhaustive to are spray collars, pet correctors, physical or verbal corrections to intimidate or startle, choke or check chain collars,  prong collars, shock collars and slip leads. *Restricting head collars (i.e. haltis) or harnesses that tighten and restrict the dog to reduce pulling (i.e no pull harnesses). *These are all subject to individual cases so please see below for details of weaning off period or request more information via our team.
  • In some circumstances we understand that some of your clients may already use some of the above tools or equipment. We suggest a weaning off period to re-educate your clients into a more appropriate alternative. We are happy to help you through this process as we understand clients can be sensitive to changes so this needs to be approached in a tactful and professional manner. Please get in contact for our official full statement on haltis or concerns or information with any of the equipment listed above. Please note this is not an exhaustive list, is subject to change and individual situations are taken into account.


  1. We reserve the right to cancel the contract of membership (at any time & with immediate effect) if any found to not following the above statements.
  2. You will not use other professionals’ images/infographics without prior consent.
  3. You will not copy and paste another professionals’ content and use it as your own. All blogs written on you pages/website should be in your own words or if using someone else’s material quoted and referenced.
  4. We have a strict anti-bullying policy If we have evidence that any member is bullying another member of the group, we will remove said member, pending further investigation. We have a bullying procedure and all relevant documents will be documented by all members involved.
  5. Refunds will not be given to members who decide to leave the group on their own accord.
  6. Membership is a yearly annual fee and may be subject to increase upon your next year of membership. You can only use our logo on your website or social media platforms if you have paid your annual membership. If you choose not to sign up the following year all logos will need to be removed.
  7. You consent to using your images on our website or social media platforms (if not please do get in touch).
  8. You are happy for us to share your posts to our social media platforms.
  9. You are happy to give testimonials about your membership and our community and are happy for us to share these
  10. You can only apply for Professional and Platinum Membership if you have a professional business which supports pet owners or are in the process of setting one up.
  11. Professional and Platinum Members who also have a B2B service (ie a service which helps other members) can only share events or services with the admins permission. They must not message members with unsolicited messages or use our community as a means to get extra business (see below).
  12. Affiliate Members or our B2B team join to actively support our group or offer a B2B service. This is invite only and as above they join to build trust and offer support, not as a direct way to get extra business. We are not a business referral group.
  13. Committee members and management decisions are final.

By signing up as a member I agree to the above terms and conditions.

Once joined if any member fails to follow the above a disciplinary process will take place. This may result in permanent or temporary exclusion from our community and we will follow the relevant protocols.

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