• Steve Mann
    Steve Mann is the proud founder of the IMDT (Institute of modern dog trainers). The IMDT is the only education provider to offer the externally accredited OCN 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour' Dog Training Qualification. The route to obtain your Dog Training Qualification is to complete the 2 day 'Career As A Dog Trainer' Course, the 4 day 'Practical Instructor' Course and the 2 day 'IMDT Assessment'. Steve is known for presenting courses worldwide and has featured on many primetime TV shows and in the media.
  • Cath Pickles
    Cath is the proud author of Worzel Wooface, is a blogger and journalist. She is also an accredited mediator and complaints specialist so will bring a wealth of knowledge to our members.
  • Fiona Cowie
    Fiona, who lives in Perth, Australia, has been training dogs for over 18 years, including 14 years as a professional detector dog handler. She gained knowledge and experience from some of the best trainers in the world, and also some very wise dogs! Fiona specialises in scent work and runs a sniffer dog school.
  • Jamie Pound
    Jamie is joining with his wife Gemma to represent Sniffer Dogs & Chorleywood dog training. He is an IMDT Full Member, Founder of UK Sniffer Dogs, WSDA Scent Trainer, and scent Instructor UK College of Scent Dogs. He is here to offer support our members with scent training Ideas for pet dog classes as well as an option for behavioural rectification, confidence building and help train more pet dog trainers how to teach scent detection to pet dogs and people.
  • Gemma Pound
    Gemma is joining with her husband Jamie to represent Chorleywood dog training. Gemma has a degree in Animal welfare, used to be a veterinary nurse, has an OCN qualification in "principles of modern dog training" is a full member of the IMDT, UK College Of Scent Dog Trainers Instructor and FFTT (force free trick trainer)
  • Bethany Grace
    Bethany is not only an Affiliate but our Founding Ambassador and on of our very first Members! Bethany is a dog trainer and behaviourist based in Surrey and South West London. She is a full member and studying with the IMDT The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers working towards membership and further accreditation with the OCN (Open College Network) in ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour LIII’. After working in rescue for over 5 years Bethany has worked with dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and abilities. Bethany prides herself on staying up to date with the highest standards of a proven, science-based approach, using the most ethical and force free methods with a focus on positively reinforced training and behaviour. She specialises in bull breeds and dog to dog issues.
  • Donna Saunders
    Donna owns In The Doghouse DTC in Malaga - Spain which is a Pet Lodge & Dog Training Centre. Dog Tricks, Fitness & Proprioception are her 'thing' on a personal level. She runs IMDT courses & with a whole bundle of experiences, is super supportive and at the end of a message for those that need her. She offers remote emotional support to our members as being ‘virtual’ helps people a lot with talking.
  • Stuart Reed
    Stuart has joined as an Affiliate to answer members queries about website design and to support our community. Stuart is the proud owner of Upshot Media and specialises in helping dog trainers and other pet professionals. Stuart is an accredited dog trainer with The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and has a wealth of knowledge.
  • Teresa Tyler
    Teresa will be representing the TheDoGenius. Their mission is to change and improve the lives of dogs by helping people understand them better through education and advocacy. Understanding the animal perspective is key to achieving successful and enjoyable relationships between dogs and their human companions. By providing dog-centred courses, they create insight into this special and unique bond. Teresa's undergraduate degree was in Animal Behaviour Management which lead to a Master’s Degree in Anthrozoology.
  • Robin Waite
    Robin Waite is a business coach and mentor offering online support with our members and offline support with ambitious businesses in Gloucestershire, the south west and beyond. His goal is to help as many business owners as possible by sharing his 17 years of experience through his talks, workshops, business books, and one-to-one coaching. He is a speaker, author and regularly attends some of the best conferences and events across the UK.
  • Lisa Morris
    Lisa is a founding member based in the beautiful Forest of Dean and offers a reliable, personal and professional dog walking, pet sitting and home boarding services. Lisa is passionate about supporting local businesses and an inspiring lady to know.
  • David Pottrell
    David specialises in helping start-ups and established small businesses in the United Kingdom with their website design and SEO. He has designed the PPN website so is here to offer ongoing support to Helen our founder and answer any queries from our members.
  • Rachel Spencer
    Rachel Spencer is a freelance journalist and content creator at Rachel Spencer Writes.
    She offers copywriting and media consultancy services to pet entrepreneurs seeking publicity and media coverage.
  • Kirsty boase
    Kirsty Boase has worked for Dragon Vets in Cheltenham for over 13 years, caring for a variety of small animals, she loves to travel and see the world, but also return home to her two Russian dwarf hamsters, Squeeze and Fiddle.
  • Nicky Stevens
    Nicky Stevens is the proud founder and chief executive of IAPWA. IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) is a UK registered charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals in need. Their first project, established in 2009, is based in Sabah, Borneo, where they have a facility and team providing a lifeline to thousands of dogs and cats every year in need of veterinary care and support. Their companion animal programmes have since developed in other Countries, including Romania, Penang, Philippines, Nepal and the UK. Their passion for all animals has also seen them to develop partnerships and launch campaigns to help other species, including Elephants, Rhinos and Lions.
  • Janet Finlay
    Janet Finlay is a Tellington TTouch Instructor for Companion Animals, a dog trainer (APDT 01046), a qualified leadership coach for humans, and was, for many years, a university professor, specialising in online learning. She now runs Canine Confidence, working with guardians of reactive dogs, through group workshops, private consultations and her online programmes. For the past six years, she has been developing her Your End of the Lead programme, which combines TTouch, transformational coaching, gamefulness and positive reinforcement to help reactive dog guardians learn to change how they think and respond to their dog's reactivity. She is currently writing a book on reactivity from the human perspective.
  • Louise Jenner
    Louise Jenner offers advice in all aspects of business coaching and social media support. She's been an animal lover all her life. Her family kept ponies, dogs, cats, sheep, chicken, cows and pigs. She also had a trout farm! She's helped run small family firms and large, multi million pound businesses and learned valuable lessons throughout her career that are beneficial to her clients now. She is represents The Dream Biz Coach & The Dream Job Coach.
  • Linda Michaels M.A.
    Linda Michaels, M.A., creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs®, was recently rated one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States, by Top Ten Magazine. Linda holds a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (With Honors) and conducted laboratory research in behavioral neurobiology, earning the University Scholar Award from the Psychology Department of San Diego State University. Linda’s unique combination of scientific training and hands-on experience with dogs and wolfdogs creates a bridge between the worlds of research, dog trainers and pet parents.
  • Sali Green
    Based in Cheltenham Sali runs an online directory, business club and is great at giving moral support for small businesses. She is a writer so good at creating social media posts and e-magazines. She is here to offer self-taught marketing advice and also help with social media advice and connecting people with other people who can help them. Sali is super passionate about animal welfare and against any kind of animal cruelty.
  • Rachel Matthews
    Rachel offers independent assessments to businesses within the pet sector. She has written a grooming quality assurance standard and has nearly 10 years experience in auditing pet sector businesses. Her current services include: Auditing, recognising good practice and highlighting risks and areas for improvement. Business support, e.g. support during inspections. Development of records and guidance on licencing inspections. She has spent the last 12 years working within quality assurance and the last 9 years managing schemes with a focus on companion animal welfare and enhancing good practices. She has experience across both pet sector businesses and agricultural schemes. She has been involved in auditing pet breeders, pet stores, groomers and boarding kennels (and also farms, livestock markets and livestock transport).
  • Karly Edwards
    Karly is a copywriter and content strategist who works exclusively with pet businesses. She helps pet business owners go from drowning in content marketing overwhelm, to thriving online. Karly has been helping businesses build their profile online for the last 7 years. Her expertise lies in growing traffic and increasing sales – which means her clients hit their financial goals and have the successful business they’ve always wanted. And she does this through her 3 Punch Traffic Boost Packs. Karly combines all the techniques she’s learnt from growing her own dog blog from zero visitors to 6,000 sessions every month. And she offers the exact same methods to pet businesses in her done-for-you blogging strategy. Her Traffic Boost Packs are designed to save her clients hours of time every week. So they don’t need to worry about marketing their business and they can focus on what they do best. If you’d like to find out more about Karly and how she helps pet businesses, head over here: https://freelancecopywriterkarly.com/3-punch-traffic-boost-packs/
  • Karen Fairclough
    Karen runs the rescue Until Every Dog Has A Home and has joined our community to offer support to our members in all aspects of Rescue work. Karen has an extensive knowledge on dog behaviour and welfare specialising working with dogs with bite history and display aggressive behaviours.
  • Hannah Hesketh
    Hey guys! I’m Hannah, a self-proclaimed crazy dog lady and proud mum to a Cavapoo called Bella. I grew up in Essex and now loving my life in London, working for the fabulous Butternut Box with Natacha. I love coming to work every day knowing we’re making a really positive difference to dog’s lives all over the UK. We feel very lucky to be working with our dog professional ambassadors too - who inspire us every day with their entrepreneurship and hard work. Thanks so much for welcoming us to PPN - So excited to be part of a really positive community and movement :)
  • Leanne Louisia Mcwade
    Leanne is representing the Dog Training College who are committed to training dogs using only fun, fair and effective training methods. This is a hub and community to not only meet likeminded dog trainers but also to attend workshops and obtain instructor status. It also offers an online portal for dog owners. Leanne is passionate about supporting other organisations and will be working in collaboration with PPN so we can offer taster marketing advice to her members and she can offer support and advice about online workshops and training to ours.
  • Claire Dowdall
    Claire will be helping our members market their services through Facebook groups. Claire has over 8 years in corporate marketing (8 self-employed), visiting lecturer delivering CIM modules at University of Wolverhampton, having trained hundreds of small businesses, ran offline events for local small businesses, community manager for groups of 15,000 members and some making multiple 5 figures per month, head of digital for a 7 figure international speaker. She has 16 years (corporate, small business, consultancy and training and happy to support in any aspect of start up, marketing, sales and more specifically if you want to see how FB groups can benefit your business.
  • Mandy Hamerla
    Mandy is a HR consultant empowering and educating members on how to hire their first employee or contractor. She also helps to build confidence around managing and motivating teams. Plus, how to protect your business through contracts and policies and tackle tricky employee issues when things go wrong.
  • Rosie Taylor-Trigg
    Rosie is INTORescue Chair and Co-Founder of Dog Rescue Unites, a nonprofit organization that creates conferences specifically for rescue workers. Rosie has worked as a Behaviourist with rescue dogs in shelters for the past 8 years, in her spare time Rosie also offers her services to external rescues who require behavioural input or staff training. With a passion for force free training, Rosie believes strongly that people are also deserving of positive reinforcement, and this along with the challenges of rescue led to Rosie’s interest in the mental wellness of those working with animals; especially those working in or with shelters. Rosie is a mental health first aider and alongside continued animal behaviour studies, is also working her way through a range of mental health courses in order to be able to better support INTORescue members.
  • Carrie Ball
    Carrie Ball Vca, ACC Dip PBC, Cert Pet bereavement BC will be helping our Member's with the very sensitive subject of losing our best friend. Carrie lives in Greater Manchester and has a Diploma in Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling Animal Care College. Certificate in Pet Bereavement Level 3 Blackford Centre, City and Guilds Veterinary Care Assistant Level 2. As a former Veterinary care assistant Carrie has 16 years’ experience in this field to assist clients with the grief they feel after losing a pet. Having been on the other side of the table as it were, she reassures and guide clients through their grief. Carrie is here to help where she can, if there is a query about my line of work, if someone needs a listening ear or if someone needs a blog to be written etc she's here.
  • Rachael Owen
    Rachael is a marketing strategist and mentor who worked previously in London for a marketing agency. She set up her own business working with fellow online entrepreneurs and business owners to make their marketing more efficient and streamlined!
  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew has over 6 years experience of producing professional videos and coach business owners how to create better videos. he has helped numerous of our members by producing high quality video footage for their online courses.
  • Mandy Hamerla
    Mandy is the founder of HR Refresh helping small business owners navigate the tricky world of hiring, HR and people management.
  • Rachel Bean
    Rachel runs Canine First Aid Workshops Canine First AId Training is a Behaviour and offers education on pet welfare. Rachel started at Dogstrust as an Assistant Kennel Manager in 1994, then qualified as a Veterinary Nurse having 24 years working professional in the Canine and Pet Sector.
    She will be offering our group support with choosing Canine First AId Training and Rescue Dog advise, especially Street Dogs. She would like to also offer support as an RVN in whatever capacity possible.
  • Agnieszka Janarek
    Agnieszka Janarek is the proud founder of Tromplo and has come onboard to support our members with this amazing learning platform. "Tromplo is something different, something special, we believe in science and experience, not common knowledge. You will learn the principles used by the top training professionals in the world, because that’s what your animal deserves. Because we apply science, our work is ethical, effective, practical, reinforcing and brings clarity to your training sessions. Animal training and learning science is our passion!" In a nutshell Tromplo offers a great online platform to gain CPD and is a fantastic community.
  • Kim Kaye
    Kim is the proud Manager of Nosey Barker and will be sharing some fabulous events to help with your CPD and professional development and give you all some great support in terms of business development. Kim Kaye, a canine professional for over 10 years, is doggedly obsessed with the bond between dog and caregiver. It is this Jedi focus on the dog-caregiver relationship upon which all of her training techniques and activities are taught. Equal to this is her passionate, unapologetic insistence that training be fun, real, enriching and kind. Kim is the Founder and Director of Nosey Barker Dog Training based in Essex. She is fully qualified with IMDT (The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), LLA (Living and learning with animals), FFTT (force free trick trainer), Talking Dog Scentwork Instructor, Dog Yoga and Superdogs (assistance work). Kim is also a qualified Dog Groomer, microchip technician and fully DBS checked and clear. Kim shares her life with 5 Miniature Schnauzers and her husband Ryan, co-director of Nosey Barker.
  • Sally Smith
    Sally has been a full-time educational writer since 2015, holding a variety of canine certifications up to level 5/6. She is a former professional Dog Trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and has much rescue experience. Sally is an award-winning graduate of The Writers Bureau. Sally runs Canine Principles which is an affordable, ethical online dog wellness and understanding school, providing self-paced study in the form of CPD accredited courses for dog professionals and enthusiastic guardians.

    Sally lives in Rural Cumbria with her ever-patient husband and four rescued, cheeky terriers.

  • Roy Newport

    Roy is a customer focused staff member at Global Canine Welfare bringing experience in the dog industry that is second to none. After his military career, Roy moved into the charity sector and then set up his own dog walking organisation and has rapidly grown to be an industry leader, he is also a very experienced dog behaviourist. With his wealth of knowledge across the canine industry Roy works very closely with the Global Canine Welfares Affiliate and Member community.

  • Jacob Bessent
    After running a successful digital marketing agency for the past 5 years, and working closely with a number of dog trainers to help grow their businesses, Jacob has started the "Training The Dog Trainer" movement specifically to help dog trainers understand the world of online marketing. He loves teaching trainers how to generate enquiries in the most cost effective ways and actually get a return on investment.
  • Sarah Whitehead
    Sarah Whitehead is a highly experienced behaviourist, a creative speaker, a prolific published author, an inspirational mentor and a down-to-earth positive reinforcement trainer. Her mission is to bring top-quality, practically-applied CPD to all co-professionals, as well as making those first steps possible for those wanting to get started in this industry. Sarah has an MSc in Animal Behaviour and is a full member of the APBC and APDT and is also one of a small number of specialists to have achieved the status of Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB). Sarah runs ThinkDog! – offering accredited education courses in animal behaviour and training, and is passionate about helping those people who know they should be out there doing the job (but often lack the confidence!) to get started. Her specialities are aggression in dogs, weird and wonderful problems in cats, and canine and feline body language and facial expression. Her absolute passion is teaching people how to understand the subtleties of canine body language through her on-line ‘Learn To Talk Dog’ Programmes. She also runs a unique online CPD Platform, called the ‘Inner Circle’, which is open to all who want to stay up-to-date with this fast-paced science. Sarah is the author of 26 books, booklets and DVDs. Her most recent best-seller, ‘Clever Dog,’ has been translated into several different languages. Sarah lives in Windsor, just a stone’s throw from the castle, with three dogs and a huge Maine Coon cat!
  • Dr Victoria Strong
    We are delighted to welcome Dr Victoria Strong, BVSc BSc (Hons) DVetMed AFHEA MRCVS as an affiliate. here is a little about Victoria:  I graduated as a vet from the University of Liverpool in 2010, having received a First Class BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Pathology from the Royal Veterinary College in 2008. Since then, I have relished in the wealth of opportunities my career has offered me and have enjoyed working as a vet, lecturer and researcher in a variety of settings and roles.  Whether working in the classroom, consulting room or giving a conference presentation, at the centre of every one of my best days at work, is my passion for veterinary communication. I love using my skills in education and writing, to engage with others and to share my passion for what I do.  By offering bespoke veterinary education services to a variety of client types, I am able to do exactly this. I love having a project to get my teeth into, and am motivated by a desire to have an impact, not only on people, but ultimately the animals in their care. 
  • Julie Nailsworth
    Julie Naismith helps owners and trainers get dogs over separation anxiety with her online programmes, separation anxiety training app, and book, Be Right Back! Specialising solely in separation anxiety behaviour modification and training, Julie is a graduate of Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. Before becoming a separation anxiety trainer, she was a people coach. Now she combines people coaching skills with her passion for getting dogs over separation anxiety training. Julie runs a certificate programme for dog trainers wanting to do separation anxiety cases: the SA Pro Trainer Programme. As well as giving trainers a step-by-step blueprint for working on cases the course also teaches trainers how to run a successful online separation anxiety business. Julie is from North Yorkshire, thought right now her main home is in the Canadian Rockies, where she lives with her husband and three dogs. She works with owners and trainers around the world.
  • Ruth Kudzi
    Ruth Kudzi is a business mentoring and mindset coaching for coaches, consultants, trainers and service-based entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their businesses. Ruth has a Masters in Psychology amongst many other coaching qualifications. Her coaching style uses science and what we know about the brain to get the best results for our business and the best compliance from clients. Ruth has already kindly done a Live about how we can use Neuroscience to develop our client's habits. This is under the topics: Lives and will be uploaded to our video academy when live.

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

  • ISCP
  • IMDT
  • Robin Waite
  • UK sniffer dogs
  • The Dream Biz Coach
  • Canine Confidence
  • Do no harm dog training
  • The Dog Training College
  • Positive Dog Training Academy
  • Canine Hoopers World
  • Tromplo
  • Nosey Barker
  • Canine Principles
  • Global Canine Welfare
  • TheDoGenius
  • Sarah Whitehead


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