I’m scared about the competition

What if the competition was your perfect ally?

Someone who could push your business forward and cross refer.

Well that’s exactly how things started for me.

4 months into my business things were going well. But I was still struggling to fill a few of my walking slots.

See social media wasn’t big back then and I didn’t yet have the funds to create my new website.

In fact I’m happy to admit I wasn’t the best at marketing, but quickly learnt from my mistakes.

One of my biggest mistakes was to not initially contact the competition.

I was scared what they thought of me. In fact there were dozens of new dog walkers setting up each month so why would they ever want to speak to me.

Then one day I met a pet photographer, who unknown to me was looking to refer 10 of her walking clients (being so busy herself).

We formed a relationship prior to me asking for help.

I shared her posts. We met up.

Relationship building.

What happened next meant I went from being a dog walker who was struggling to fill up my slots to being FULL.

See the busier you get, word gets around. My clients passed more clients my way, who I sadly could no longer take on.


I was able to then help another professional.

See kindness is a remarkable thing.

I genuinely want to help others. I want others to succeed the way that I have.

Why else would I have set up an international organisation specially for pet professionals.

I don’t want to keep my secrets to myself. There’s enough business to go around. In fact if I can help more pet professionals, I can help more dog owners and you’ve got it, more dogs!

That’s powerful stuff.

That’s why in our members group I’m happy to help them write content, give them the templates to help their business work and many resources telling them exactly how to get the perfect clients, a good work life balance the best apps to write good copy.

But before you ask I don’t just give everything on a plate. We do accountability tasks, mini challenges, that gives them the initial buzz or inspiration to move forward.

See I can share all my advice. Give you every template I own. But if you fail to build relationships, consistently turn up everyday or don’t feel you will ever be good enough there’s very little more I can do to get you clients.

But our members community is a very special place. We cheerlead each other on. We’ve got each other’s backs.

Referrals are being passed. Connections formed.

So today I want you to contact your competition. Think how can you help each other. You will be suprised by the response and I guarantee if you do it right YOU WILL get more business.

Thanks for reading,

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