5 reasons that client didn’t get back to you

5 reasons why that client DIDN’T get back to you (And It’s not usually anything you’ve done wrong).

You had an email from a potential client, really interested in your walks or training, then…


They seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth.

The doubt kicks in.

Did you do or say something wrong?

Are your prices too high?

I’m afraid they’ve ‘ghosted’ you. It Doesn’t feel nice.

But don’t worry. This is a VERY common issue in ALL industries.

It may be frustrating, may make you doubt yourself, BUT it is NORMAL.

If I told you one dog trainer friend had over 500 enquiries to join her paid membership group and only had response from 100 potential members of which 50 signed up you may be suprised.

That’s alot of conversations for not many sign ups?

In fact that is actually a good conversation rate and if you aren’t putting content or conversations out there you won’t be drawing in potential leads.

If I told you that I have had over 50 emails, 50 messages and 100 requests to join our membership and less than 40% contacted me back you may be again surprised.

Completely normal ^

But like pet clients, pet professionals are busy too.

But, I’d rather have a response:

“It’s not for me right now”

Than to be ghosted.

A bit like you. I’m sure you’d feel better if you got any response, even if it was a no.

Being ignored SUCKS!

However. Don’t get down about it. Don’t doubt yourself.

It’s normal to get rejected. Ignored. Forgotten about.

But we all live in a fast paced world, it’s easy to forget things.

Of course there are times where your response has failed to keep them on that journey or you replied with little expression or emotion. Or perhaps it was simply too automated?

So here’s 5 examples of why ghosting someone happens and a solution:

1. The cake when stale

I try where possible to respond to clients within 6 hours. If they email after 6pm they will not get a response in the morning.

When we have an issue we become frustrated. We are reactive rather than Pro active. If you don’t follow up quickly enough the cake may go stale. Automated emails may help or an explanation on your website that you are busy due to your high success rate.

2. Life got in the way

Car issues, busy lives, hectic schedules means that priorities are elsewhere. If they’ve not messaged you back today it doesn’t mean they won’t respond in a month’s time. Keep a list of warm leads and make sure to follow up again.

3. Your message wasn’t clear

Often we try to sell based on the features rather than the outcome. Was your follow up message clear about how you can help them?

4. They weren’t your type of client

Yes you will be too expensive for some dog owners. Yes your services might not be what they were looking for. Don’t feel disheartened, just create a message that attracts your ideal client and don’t waste time convincing those that aren’t interested.

5. It wasn’t the right time

Some of us see a new service, something interesting pop up on our timeline and act on impulse, once reality hits we often find ourselves changing our minds. Again don’t beat yourself up, you just need to work extra hard to keep your service fresh in their mind. Lots of touch points and a nurture sequence. Try to get away from blatant ads and start giving more free value to build trust.

Thanks for reading,

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