Do you worry about posting in online groups?

What will they THINK?

As I write these words, the little Nagging Nora starts.

Delete. Stop. Another day.

If you are anything like most of us you take forever to write content and procrastinate about asking what seems the simplest question on social media.

Especially when it is on a group.

That training video you desperately want to share.

That latest blog.

That training question.

What will they THINK?

A few years ago a less experienced Helen posted on an open group. She got torn apart.

It was a loose lead video. My handling skills were a little off. But it was a good video, not great.

I posted to get some constructive feedback and of course it was a little success story I wanted to share.

Now don’t get me wrong, to learn we need to make mistakes. However I always think positive reinforcement first.

That means giving positive feedback, instead of solely criticising the person’s techniques, the person’s blog or the person’s question.

Now I’m writing this post today to help build your confidence, to ask questions and post.

See although I felt pretty rubbish after sharing the video something clicked.

I was able to improve on my methods and become a better dog trainer.

However I only wish the comments had maybe a winky face, or a smile. Had a nice balance of:

“Helen you did that so well, but could of improved here”.

People’s language on Social Media is soooo hard to read. So everyone needs to be more mindful of their responses (even myself).

If we could be more constructive than critical I think more people would post in groups. Of course it goes without saying groups like our Facebook support group are supportive and confidential…But what about all the other groups we’d love to post on.

If you’d like to join our taster group, a place you will feel confident to ask questions in, follow the link below:


Thanks for reading,

What will they think?

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