The 6 biggest pet professional mistakes

When we start a new business or are looking to expand, it can be difficult to cut through the noise on social media. We often get tempted to just share our courses and services far and wide, but this often can look spammy or desperate. Another big mistake is trying to appeal to everyone. As above you don’t really know who you are targeting so end up wasting time spreading yourself too thin!

So below you will find 6 top pet professional mistakes and how you can start doing marketing properly – that’s right find and keep clients and stand out from your competition.

1. Thinking spammy, non imaginative adverts will get you business

Did you know that most people need atleast 7 touch points to invest in your services? On average people have been following me several months until they have the confidence to seek advice.

Spammy, non imaginative adverts may get you the odd client but actually will take up much up your time that could be spent on generating long term clients who come back time and time again.

2. Trying to appeal to everyone

When we spread ourselves too thin we often end up losing focus and trying to please everyone. Keep focused on your ideal client and your niche area.

3. Marketing to the wrong type of client

You put some great content on our pages/website but end up marketing to the wrong type of client. Wording like offers or discounts may appeal to the bargain hunters and some content will appeal more to us professionals! Your message shouldn’t be all jargon dog training or dog walking talk but more about how you are going to help your client and make their lives better.

4. Your message is unclear

Many of us really focus on talking about us and what services we provide. So much so we forget the benefits. When I land on a website or Facebook page I want your services to be clear, but I also want you to show the benefits. Remember I should be reminded about the reason I’m here in the first place – the c*ap has really hit the fan and you are going to help me.

Your marketing message should be focused primarily on how you will make your client’s lives better.

5. Charging low prices to get more customers

People shouldn’t be picking you based on your prices, if the clients first question is “how much” it’s likely they are not your ideal type of client, they are just looking for the cheapest option.

Instead I always advice charging more for your services, above average, why not go premium?

Premium or higher prices is a good way to attract clients who are willing to pay for all the years of experience and time you’ve put into your business. You can’t really put a price on a service that changes lives.

Yes your services are life changing.

Charging higher, premium prices also helps you to work less hours and be more focused on those who you truly want to help. If you think lowering your prices will get you more custom, you may soon find yourself being a busy idiot.

It’s much more challenging to raise your prices at a later date than lower them; the customer may have actually valued your service at your original, low price, and if you raise them too quickly or too much they will see you as greedy and will end up you adding on extras anyway to try lesser the guilt or sweeten the deal.

6. Offering discounts

You want a client that chooses you because of your experience and your skill set, not one looking for a bargain. Although an initial opening offer can create some interest and raise awareness, ongoing discounts look cheap and needy. You may initially get lots of interest, but will soon be a busy idiot, dipping into profits, struggling to raise prices.

So make sure you don’t fall in the trap of making these mistakes. If you’d like us to go a little further on some of the above why not comment below…

Thanks for reading,
Helen Motteram

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