Collaborate don’t compete!

There’s enough cake for everyone.

Working in collaboration – there’s enough cake for everyone!

That’s right – help support each other.

If I could offer one great piece of advice it would be to work in collaboration with other local pet professionals, even if they do the same services as you.

Share the work load where possible

Offering jobs their way.

Share posts and comment on their business page.

Support each other.

I did this (and still do) and find it has a positive result for both myself and the other pet professionals I’ve collaborated with. I also extend this to supporting other organisations – yes I’m happy to promote and support other organisations who have the same philosophies and ethics as the Pet Professional Network.

However it’s not as simple as the above sometimes…

One thing I get asked frequently is how do you feel when a company/business that does not have same ethics as you starts up?

Firstly DON’T go over to their page and destroy their business. I advise not to even mention their names on other Facebook groups (how ever tempting it may be).

DO highlight why these forms of training are unethical (in such a way that you do not mention their business or name in public, maybe write a insightful blog on why you don’t use aversives).

DO contact said person/business and offer advice.

If they are unwilling to change or listen, distance yourself from them. If you feel their business is having an impact on any animal’s welfare you may need to report them. However you will need clear evidence.

So we’ve talked about trainers who do not fall in line with your ethics, but how about trainers or dog walkers that do?

Are you worried they are going to undercut you (maybe they are)?

Are you worried that they lack experience?

Are you worried they will take all the business?

If they undercut your prices – so what! There’s a market for cheap and there’s a market for premium. Do you want to be working all hours for little pay – or doing the same as them for half the time?

So maybe they lack experience or do not have the same experience as you?

But remember this doesn’t make them a bad dog trainer. Why not meet up for a coffee, offer some shadowing, share tips and ideas. Maybe introduce them to your dog training association you are part of?

If you are worried they are taking on cases above their skillset or animals welfare is at risk, please either contact them first or said organisations/accreditations they are part of.

So you are worried they will take all the business?

That’s unlikely.

Yes it may have a small impact in some areas, but at the end of the day I believe you have a great reputation and will continue to be unique.

If you are already a member of PPN make sure to check the connection challenge out in our units section (via our confidential Facebook support group). In just 6 months my business was FULL by collaborating with a local photographer and dog walker. You’d be surprised how effective it is!

Remember collaboration is the key!

Support is the foundation to all businesses.

Thanks for reading,

PS if you run an organisation and follow our force free philosophy please get in touch. We love to share courses and more knowledge with our members.

PPS if you are a pet professional and are having issues with other pet professionals do get in touch. Likewise if you are worried how to get in touch with others to help each other, I can give you a few pointers.

Here’s a link to our email contact:

‘Together We Are Stronger’

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