Why giving discounts is bad news for your business


We’ve all had it, that client looking for a deal… “But trainer X charges this much”, “Walkies down the road do an extra walk at a discount”, “I bought this lead off eBay only for £5”. Everybody loves a bargain. But you are not trainer X you are not walkies, you are not the seller on eBay.

Now you could say I’m under a little bit of a dilemma – as I do give some ‘introduction offers’ and lots of freebies. BUT this isn’t the freebies you think and an introduction offer is very different to an ongoing discount.

I also will offer rescue discounts and at one time provided discounts for those out of work – but this is very different. It was my way of helping others in a time of need.

In our member’s confidential support group they are getting to grips with discounts vs free, in fact this week I’ve had a few emails thanking me. They’ve been upping their free advice on Social Media, stopping bartering on the phone and stopping those discounted walks.

Your challenging/difficult client is most likely going to be that one that:

  • Barters on the phone.
  • Compares your prices to others.
  • Starts the email with how much.
  • Is completely shocked by your prices.

Your more ideal client is:

  • One that chooses you because of your experience.
  • Says things like price doesn’t matter.
  • Has taken the time to read your website.
  • Does not try to barter.
  • Does not say “I will ask my husband/wife”
  • Has followed your posts for many months.
  • Understands your follow up programme.
  • Picks quality over price.

There are some pros and cons of a bargain but the cons in my opinion outweigh the pros. You may initially get lots of interest, but will soon be a busy idiot, dipping into profits, struggling to raise prices.

An initial intro offer is a good way to peak interest. You may have seen I am offering an introductory offer if you’d like to become a member. Why? Because it’s a way to thank you all for taking the time to support me and invest in this group.

Now let’s end this with freebies…

Freebies – I always give freebies. I invest just 40 minutes a day on my pages. This 40 minutes is added into my marketing time Monday to Friday.

I turn up consistently.

I show up everyday

To me it’s never selling. Just adding value. More value.

This week I’ve had £100’s of pounds worth of enquiries off the back of my Facebook posts. That’s incredible.

Free advice. £100’s of pounds return.

I’ve spent years investing in my journey. I want to be able to share my experiences with you. So you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

Late nights.

Struggling to get by.

Having to turn down a day out with friends.

A walking zombie.

Challenging clients.

You’ve got to start becoming a little more selfish. Thinking more about you. If you genuinely want to ‘give back’ then do some voluntary work at a local shelter or like myself a discounted rate for rescues. But this shouldn’t come at a cost to your family, your pets or impact negatively on your business.

Stick to your prices. Be proud.

Thanks for reading,

Helen Motteram, Founder of PPN

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