Our Ambassador – Bethany Grace

Our Ambassador – Bethany Grace of Bonny Dog Behaviour

In the Pet Professional Network we celebrate business success, one lady who really stands out and takes action is the lovely Bethany.

We chose her as one of our Ambassadors as she has done incredible work to help other professionals, rescues and her business although fairly new, has made remarkable progress.

I met Bethany through the IMDT – an organisation we support who offers accreditations and courses to become a dog trainer. Bethany became a ‘mentor’ during our assessment offering her time freely in a messenger group and giving us all the emotional support we needed. I must admit I personally was a bag of nerves, Bethany helped me (and all the others) feel confident and that we would succeed!

Even after the assessment Bethany continued to support others, even offering tips on how she was able to grow her own business with her fabulous tips via her business page.

Bethany takes action – after our first coaching session I saw a spike in engagement on her page, followed by more bookings and longer term clients. Bethany did her homework, following several marketing pages and is a very quick learner.

About Bethany

Bethany is a dog trainer and behaviourist based in Surrey and South West London. She is a full member and studying with the IMDT The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers working towards membership and further accreditation with the OCN (Open College Network) in ‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour LIII’. After working in rescue for over 5 years Bethany has worked with dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and abilities. Bethany prides herself on staying up to date with the highest standards of a proven, science-based approach, using the most ethical and force free methods with a focus on positively reinforced training and behaviour.

Thank you Bethany.

You are going places!

If you’d like more details on how our organision can support you and to meet Bethany on our group please email: Helen@www.petpronetwork.com

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