You’re worth it!

Who wants to be cheap, who wants to be average, when you can be the best!

If you do only one thing next week, I want you to seriously take a moment, to sit down and ask yourself are you charging ENOUGH?

True story…

It’s been a difficult month, phone call after phone call “You’re too expensive”. Do I put my prices down NO, do I continue to generate those leads everyday YES.

Leads = many conversations, gaining trust and confidence in your services

If you are getting more NO’s then YES’s then this is normal. If you are getting consistent YES’s then you’ve potentially nailed it – you have a warm lead and an ideal client.

You see we need to have conversations with many people to get those leads. Cast the net far and wide, but where possible target the RIGHT audience. I’ve made 8 phone calls over the past week:

3 have booked me, 5 have not.

Yes, it’s deflating to get rejected but you need to be prepared for this and not give up. You also need to give yourself a pat on the back – 3 yes out of 8 is incredible! But if you are anything like me you start to focus on the NO rather than the YES.


Focus on how many leads you are getting – how many conversations you have. Rather than how many you sign up.

You need to put the right content out to generate meaningful conversations. Yes it’s hard work. Sometimes relentless. But do the hard work now, things will get easier. You will start to have your cheerleaders, your clients do the marketing for you. Word of mouth is POWERFUL. But word of mouth comes with time.

So use the time now to generate leads rather than focusing on the NO’s.

You’ve got this!


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