I am Heidi, I am a Certified & Accredited Dog Trainer with a BSc (hons) in Animal Science and Welfare and 7 years of experience working with Rescue dogs. I would like to introduce to you Transpawmaton dog training based in Kings Lynn and Cambridgeshire. We are a kind, force free, positive reinforcement based training company offering training for all ages, breeds and types along with behavioural support and solutions to dogs who struggle with normal day to day environments and tasks. We primarily specialise in reactivity and rescue, but offer other services such as, loose lead training, trick/obedience training and puppy life skills. If you are feeling frustrated and/or embarrassed by your dogs behaviour, our training services are here to help. We use positive reinforcement techniques to create a fun and engaging learning environment for your dog, which helps to build trust and strengthen your bond.

Successful training is such a rewarding part of dog ownership!

Since 2016 I have worked within a rescue and rehoming centre. Within this line of work you experience first hand both, the traumatic and most rewarding experiences. It opens your eyes to the sheer volume of dogs that struggle with a vast range of behavioural problems on a daily basis, through their past experiences. Which many owners struggle to cope with, meaning that some of the dogs are returned to the kennels, sometimes more than once! Reactive behaviours are often viewed as aggressive, but you may notice your dog becoming overwhelmed and shutting down. This is a response frequently seen in rescue environments, where the dogs are stressed to the point that they hide in the back of their kennels, failing to acknowledge people nearby. The most important thing to remember with a reactive/anxious dog is that these behaviours does not mean your dog can never be a loving, family member! The last 7 years of experience of working with rescue dogs has given me a passion in wanting to help rescue dog owners, offering them support and helping them to understand why their dog is doing the behaviours and to then help resolve and support them through behavioural problems.

My own dog Pansy had a very difficult start in life, coming from a puppy farm where she was neglected, continuously bred from and severely under socialised with people and the outside world. Experiencing such a stressful 5 years of her life, Pansy has struggled with anxiety and fear related behaviours. Including not knowing how to walk on a lead, noise anxiety and severe separation anxiety. To this day we are still finding new things that cause her stress and anxiety within a home environment since bringing her home over 3 years ago. She has taught me a lot over the last few years as I have learned different ways to manage and help Pansy with her fear related stress and anxiety.

At our dog training business we believe that every dog has the potential to be the best versions of themselves. Their happiness and care is our priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own dogs to receive.


Dog Walking & Home Visits

Puppy Life Skills Training

Loose Lead Training

Trick Training

1.1 Training Sessions

4 week, 8 week & 12 week packages

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