Pet behaviour, canine rehabilitation and coaching for pet owners

Behavioural consultations and coaching in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire specialising with anxious or reactive dogs

I am an accredited dog trainer, pet behaviourist and full member of the Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). My extensive portfolio and successful cases, includes working with high profile public figures and guest appearances on TV in the international press and radio.

Recent features include an article featured in Dogs Monthly Magazine and guest appearance on This Morning. I am a provisional member of the Association Of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications I am gaining practical experience for full membership.

From a young age I have always been passionate about animal welfare from setting up my own animal club and getting involved with projects at school. My extensive experience with a range of animals means that I have a profound knowledge of animal behaviour.

At university I studied a bachelor of science in animal behaviour and welfare proudly achieving a 2 1. This focused mainly on pet behavioural problems – not only giving me the knowledge and skills to assess your pet’s behaviour. I set up my business Social Paws as I wanted to make a difference particularly to helping rehabilitate anxious, nervous or rescue dogs and support their owners.

My knowledge and experience in the animal care sector includes various professional roles including head of the quarantine unit and behavioural assessments at the Cheltenham Animal Shelter, work at a local vets, to voluntary work with Pets As Therapy, a dog rescue centre in Marbella and Guide Dogs For The Blind.


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