At Robinsons K9 Academy, we completely understand the hard work and stress having a dog with an unwanted behavioural issue can be and we are here to help and provide you with the training to put you and your companion back on the straight and narrow.

I am Ryan and I am currently serving in the Armed forces until 2027, by this time I would have completed 24 years of service. At the moment I am providing my services as a dog trainer/behaviourist part time.
I have completed the level 4 PETbc Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma, Dog Law Certificate with the British College of Canine Studies. I am currently studying 3 year course with the School Of Canine Science, I also carry Level 2 Canine First Aid which included practical to ensure my clients that their dogs are in safe hands.
Dogs have always played a massive part in my life and I have never been without one. I unfortunately had to put my 10 year old Giant Schnauzer “Xena” to rest 2 years ago due to a sudden illness. I have recently just got a Borador named “Hebe” which is already showing she will be a bundle of joy. A lot of the work I do is working with not just the dog, but the owner too and that is simply because our own influence plays a big part in how a dog behaves. I also take into consideration the owner and dog and tailor behaviour modification programs that will best suit my clients that promotes a calm and well balanced dog.


Dog Behaviourist and Trainer.

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