Compassion, force-free canine behaviour practitioner, dog coach & dog trainer

I am a qualified Canine Behaviour Practitioner with a diploma in canine behaviour (ISCP), and a Level 4 Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma. With training and professional experience in puppy and adult dog training, competition obedience training, fun agility training, canine coaching, and search dog handling. I am a certified trick instructor, Canine Conditioning Fitness coach and stunt dog judge which means I am also a triple crown trainer with DMWYD. I also hold qualifications as a Scentwork UK instructor, WSDA instructor, and in scent enrichment. Reactive/sensitive dogs are a particular passion for me and not only have I focussed my professional studies around this subject, I have personal experience of living with an anxious and reactive dog. Working with a force-free approach (I do not use any force or physical discipline in my training), I use a calm, relaxed, and patient manner to provide the most benefit to the dog and avoid stressing them. Although already holding several professional qualifications and accreditations, I am committed to continuing my learning and experience. I aim to provide help and support to dogs and their owners. I am also a volunteer home checker for various rescue centres.


Behaviour consultations

rescue dog consultations

puppy consultations

training walks for reactive dogs

1-2-1 training sessions

canine Enrichment consultations

group training classes

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