My name is Lyndsey Hooper and i am the founder of Pawsome Training and Behaviour. I started Pawsome Training and Behaviour in July of 2019 after deciding that i wanted to embrace my dream of working with dogs. Graduating with an honours degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Hartpury University the journey made my passion and love of dogs into a inspirational career goal.

Over the years i have volunteered at training classes, animal shelters and boarding kennels and always had a huge passion for dog behaviour and training. Over time i found my passion grew and my path was clear to have my own business. After completing the Pro Dog Trainer course, i had the confidence to start my business. Following this i have become an accredited instructor with Dog Training College and i am always expanding my knowledge and skills. Introducing Scent Work, Gundog Work, Heelwork to Music, Agility and Assistance dog training are all goals.

Dog welfare is my highest priority and i always work to ensure the dog is comfortable, happy and enjoying the experiences. I am also dedicated to developing my knowledge to ensure i am always up to date with new training techniques and behaviour.

I am a concept-based games dog trainers where all my training is positive reinforcement. I work on training the dog to react differently to outcomes as opposed to during the situation, thereby preparing the dog generally for a variety of situations. I build optimism, confidence, focus, calmness, independence and much more by real-life applicable games that are PROVEN to succeed.

I am willing to take on any behavioural or obedience issue and believe all struggles can be turned into strengths through motivation and perseverance.

If you have any additional questions or if you want to discuss any details please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I look forward to hearing from you 🐾

Best wishes and Stay Safe!

Lyndsey Hooper 

Pro Dog Trainer 

BSc Honours Animal Behaviour and Welfare 

Dog Training College Approved Instructor

Pet Industry Federation

Pet Professional Network


  • Dog Private Training
  • Remote Training
  • Online Courses
  • Training Classes
  • Owner Workshops
  • Behaviour Consultations
  • Enrichment Workshops (Aka Scent, Agility, Heelwork to Music - Coming Soon!)

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

  • ISCP
  • IMDT
  • Robin Waite
  • UK sniffer dogs
  • The Dream Biz Coach
  • Canine Confidence
  • Do no harm dog training
  • The Dog Training College
  • Positive Dog Training Academy
  • Canine Hoopers World
  • Tromplo
  • Animal Courses Direct
  • Nosey Barker
  • Canine Principles
  • Global Canine Welfare
  • TheDoGenius


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