The North Norfolk Dog Training centre is nestled in a quiet location within the Drove Orchards Farm on the North Norfolk Coast, an Area of Natural Outstanding Beauty.    

The training centre is a safe, outside, fully enclosed place to train dogs.  With the addition of a covered arena by the way of a large poly tunnel, this enables training to continue even on very wet days.  The preference for training outside is because it’s believed to help puppies and dogs habituate to everyday outside events and noises, and is a more true to life experience compared to training inside.

The founder of North Norfolk Dog Training, Martina Tierling, has a strong belief that training our dogs is all about creating a healthy relationship of trust, and forming a mutual respect between the owner and dog.   It’s important for owners to have a good understanding of how their dogs think and learn in order to achieve this. Martina’s focus is always on teaching owners how to train their dogs without using any force.

Martina promotes positive and modern training techniques, relying heavily on rewarding with food treats, play and verbal praise. She offers training for dogs at all stages of their lives and aims to ensure training is both rewarding and enjoyable for both owners and their dogs.

Martina has developed a unique ability to train people in an empathetic way. Her Group Classes and Private 121 Training sessions are suitable for those who are complete novices to dog training, but also for those who wish to progress with already established skills. If you’re having particular struggles like pulling on the lead, poor recall, toilet training, jumping up at people, stealing food/items, to name just a few common problems, Martina is happy to help.  


Group Classes

Private 121 Training

Training Walks

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