Lowhills is a dog training and behaviour consultancy, pet sitting business and home to Lowhills Animal Sanctuary.

I have 21 years’ experience working with rescue animals in a rescue setting as well as working in three Local Authorities in the Animal Welfare sector. I can provide Behaviour Modification Programs and clear training plans for my client’s animals containing positive reinforcement science based learning theory and force-free, non-confrontational methods to help solve your animal’s problems without using “quick fixes”. 

The goal at Lowhills Animal Behaviour Consultancy is to provide accurate assessments of your animal’s behaviour and help you achieve the goals you are looking for with your animal. I aim to help as many rescue animals as possible as well as non-rescue animals, whether that be to settle the animal into their new life from a kennel or cattery environment, helping solve behaviour problems that may have occurred during the animal’s life for whatever reason or perhaps you just need help with your new puppy!

I specialise in rescue dogs and cats, dogs with reactivity towards humans and other dogs and fearful behaviours in dogs and cats.

I also offer pet sitting in the owners home for a range of animals, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits and even reptiles! Most of my clients have rescue animals, scared and nervous dogs and cats, animals from the streets of Spain, Romania and the China meat trade or reactive dogs. They trust me to look after their pets whilst they are away knowing their animals are in safe hands. Some of the animals are already on behaviour modification and training packages which I carry on with while the owners are away.



Dog training one to one, behaviour consultations, dog walking, dog sitting including overnight stays in the owners home and cat sitting visits.

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