If you are looking for a holistic assistance in treating and educating you dog, I’m looking forward to accompany you with heart and knowledge. My experience of 25 years in dog training in combination with energetic methods is a proven approach even to challenging base cases.

Dog Training offers:


  • Preparation for a new dog in your household, with the “Sachkundenachweis”, which is obligatory for prospective dog owners in Salzburg.
  • Packages for puppy-owners-to-be, for teenage dog owners
  • private classes
  • open training and employment classes
  • workshops and seminars
  • lectures for dog owners


Email- and online courses (with or without assistance), f.e. Clickertraining für Einsteiger, Kind und Hund, Chillout für Mensch und Hund (available only in German) and online coaching for individual guidance and assistance.

My intention:

In translating modern knowledge about dogs, how they feel and how they learn, to graspable and road capable approach I guide you to a friendly and cooperative association with your dog.

Be aware of your dog, of its unique personality and character, with strengths and weaknesses. Encourage the potential capacity instead of riding about the deficits – I will show you how to do.

To engage in positive reinforcement is a perspective that will not only raise the way you treat your dog to a new level of quality.


VÖHT, Vereinigung Österreichischer HundeverhaltenstrainerInnen, vice-president Initiative for Force-free Dog Training, Professional Supporter
Pet professional Network

How you find me:


Blogs (German)

Radio and Podcast
Hunderunde, Gespräche und Gedanken über Hunde und Menschen


I live near the City of Salzburg, my dog school with training ground is situated in Salzburg. My services are also available in the Salzburg Lake District.

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