Steve and Corrin run Goodall Dog Training in Southampton, Hampshire.

Goodall Dog Training work with many puppies, adolescent, adult and rescue dogs. 1-2-1 training, group indoor and outdoor classes are also available as well as online consultations and courses.

Steve Goodall has been a professional dog trainer for over 10 years.

Both Steve and Corrin ensure your dogs welfare is put first with the evidence based and humane training methods.

Steve has recently published his first book, Jack and Billy Puppy Tales, which is aimed at families. It’s a fabulous story book following the journey of two puppies during the first year of their lives with an all important message. Co written with Sally Bradbury who mentored Steve at the beginning of his dog training career. Steve also illustrated Jack and Billy Puppy Tales and the book has been brilliantly received and reviewed by some of the most respected and leading professionals in the industry.

Steve co hosts The Barking Mad Show, a podcast aimed to help people and their dogs. Steve, along with Jordan Shelly and Gavin Muldoon effortlessly talk the most commonly asked dog training questions as well as having interviews with the top Behaviourists, Vets and Trainers in the field.

The APDT UK (Association of Pet Dog Trainers)

Steve Goodall 01309 is a full member of the APDT, UK.

You will also find Steve Goodall listed on;

ABTC (The Animal Behaviour and Training Council)


The Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

Corrin Goodall has been working with dogs for the last 5 years. She had always had a love for dogs and that passion grew with her studies with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog trainers). Corrin gained a level 4 with the OCN (Open College Network) whilst studying Behaviour Analysis and Application.

Both Corrin and Steve regularly attend conferences, workshops and lectures to continue to stay up to date with the latest information available so they can offer the best methods on to their clients.

Corrin is a Full member of the Association of INTO Dogs.

You will also find Corrin listed with The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) .

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
UK sniffer dogs
Canine Confidence
Do no harm dog training
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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