Hi! Are you looking for a certified canine behaviour counsellor in Austria?

If so, I’m thrilled to meet you here! My name is Rosee Riggs and my dog school, Good Dog Practice, is based in Lower Austria. Do get in touch! I’m looking forward to meeting you and your dog.

Here’s what I offer you:

Whether you speak English or German, I offer individual dog behaviour consultations. My main passion is an innovative method of lead handling, which makes walking on lead so much easier. I love teaching real life social skills to dogs and puppies, so, where appropriate, we go on social walks in small groups.

Living with a dog showing challenging behaviour can be emotionally draining.

I help with a range of difficult behaviours. Many people come to me for help with their reactive dogs. I’ll be happy to support you until your daily life together is more relaxed.

I work closely with local shelters.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, I’ll gladly advise you while you make the best choice for you.

Should you have a puppy…..

……you already know how important a good start is!  Together, we can set your puppy up for success.

Trust and confidence: 

Dogs love to use their natural talents at nosework and problem-solving. It raises their self esteem and, besides, it strengthens communication between dog and owner. I offer enjoyable enrichment activities so you can enjoy spending quality time together.

ISCP Austria.

In addition to my client work, I run the Austrian branch of the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour (ISCP Austria). We offer seminars and practical workshops for dog owners and for those looking to take up a career in working with dogs. I invite you to visit the ISCP Austria page: www.iscpaustria.eu.

My websites:

I have an English-language website (www.good-dog-practice.com) and a German-language website (www.good-dog-practice.eu) You’ll also find both Good Dog Practice and Good Dog Practice.eu on Facebook if you’d like to join me there <3


I live in Lower Austria south of Vienna, and am also available to work in parts of the Burgenland and Styria. Looking forward to your call (+43 680 116 9363) or contact me via email: riggs@good-dog-practice.com or riggs@good-dog-practice.eu.

all the best,




Canine behaviour consultations including: 

Innovative lead handling technique, real life skills, reactivity and problem behaviour, puppies. Enrichment activities such as nose-work and problem-solving.

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