Dorset Muscahounds was set up in 2015 with the primary aim of providing services designed to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. Owning a dog can be a truly wonderful experience but expecting our dogs to just slot into our busy lives can have its challenges. My services are designed to help owners to better understand their dogs, how to provide an appropriate environment and all the essentials, whilst nurturing and improving their bond.

Individual training sessions are tailored specifically for you and your dog. The sessions can be held in your own home or at other locations, depending on the training that is required. These sessions are specifically for basic training issues including obedience, focus, impulse control, socialisation, loose lead walking, recall, jumping up and everything puppy.

Behavioural consultations are designed to deal with more serious training issues including resource guarding, separation anxiety, dog / human aggression and excessive barking. The consultation process enable us to put in place a behavioural modification program which deals with the root of the problem alongside appropriate management and training.

All services are suitable for any dog irrelevant of breed, age or ability.  



Individual dog and puppy Training

Individual dog behavioural consultations

Group dog walks

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
UK sniffer dogs
Canine Confidence
Do no harm dog training
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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