Dolittles Animal Training and Behaviour

Are you worried about your pet’s behaviour?

Are you finding your dog walks stressful?
Have the daily tasks of looking after your pet become a battle?
Do you feel like you have tried everything?
Yes? Then look no further, I’m Lisa and I would love to help you gain the confidence and understanding so you can begin enjoying the time spent with your beloved pet. Before you dive into the courses, let me tell you a little bit about my journey to becoming an animal trainer and behaviour specialist.
In 2017, the whirlwind that is Amber, a Rhodesian Ridgeback entered our lives. She was a rescue and despite being only 18 months old, sadly the start of her life was quite traumatic. It quickly became clear that she was going to need a lot of support and her addition to our family was going to be a challenge. Even our rock, Simba Rhodesian Ridgeback wasn’t sure.
I started attending lots of dog courses so I could hone my extensive animal training and behaviour experience to equip myself with the knowledge I needed to turn Amber’s sad start into a life she and I could enjoy.
In 2018, I took the leap to leave my 12 year career as a Training and Husbandry Specialist at the longest running Zoo in the UK and became qualified to pursue a professional career in the dog training world. I had enjoyed the learning and seeing the impact my new skills had on Amber, that it inspired me to help others achieve the same.
In addition to pet training, I am continuing my passion in Husbandry and Cooperative Care of Zoo Animals through the services of voluntary blood draws, x-rays and ultrasounds on Sea Lions, hand injecting Servasl and Coatis, nail trimming Macaws and recall training Otters.
Since commencing this new journey, I am proud to say that I have helped many dog owners rebuild their trust and relationship with their pets and now enjoy the time spent taking them for walks. I am privileged to have helped owners give their puppies the best possible start in life and watch their pups grow into confident, friendly pets. From what seems like the impossible tasks of cutting their dog’s nails, to building up confidence with vehicles or administering ear/eye drops, I always ensure everyone goes home with the ability to succeed.
I am friendly and approachable. I will never judge you and will only use methods that improve your relationship with your pet. This is a learning experience for both you and your pet, and I promise I won’t use long, silly words that you have to google when you get home! 😊
If you have been nodding and smiling while you read this, then please do get in touch.


Dolittles Animal Training and Behaviour offers professional services including Training & Behaviour 121s, Puppy Sessions, Puppy Classes & Specialises in Cooperative Care Sessions & Support for all pets.

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