Dogs and Divas, Where your dogs make friends for life.
Doggy Daycare can provide an environment that fits the behavioral needs of dogs, this includes both access to human company and suitable exercise and regular visits outside for fresh air and toileting.
Our staff are fully trained in dog handling and canine first aid, all management are level 3 animal management qualified and all full-time staff are qualified in dog behavior and care.
Mental stimulation, exercise, and engagement are the primary reasons many owners send their dogs to daycare. For dogs that struggle to be alone with destructive behaviors like barking or chewing, daycare can be a great option as you work on teaching your dog more appropriate skills.
In some situations, dog daycare can be helpful for dogs who are struggling with clinical separation anxiety as a temporary solution while their families work with a positive reinforcement-based trainer, their veterinarian, and possibly a veterinary behaviorist to work through the dog’s underlying anxiety issues.
Our daycare works well because of the structured day and the framework of the playgroups.
Instead of just taking your dog to the park where dogs of unknown health and temperament are set loose (not infrequently resulting in fights, injury, and the spread of illness)
Dogs are assigned to different playgroups based on their size. This prevents smaller dogs from accidentally becoming injured by large dogs. We will also divide dogs by energy level or play style to prevent conflict from arising within the space.
By creating specific playgroups, we are able to maximize the potential of success of healthy play between dogs and minimize the risk of injury.

However, dogs that grow up in daycare tend to go to the quiet areas to rest when they want to and then to join the playgroup when they are ready, the communication between daycare dogs is fascinating, even if they are from another daycare joining the pack, they know how to communicate and get along very quickly within the group.
Dogs who are comfortable and confident with good social skills around lots of dogs and people make the best candidates for attending doggy daycare.
If they come as a puppy it is natural to them, Socialisation is the most important time in a dog’s life in relation to its future temperament and behavior, and therefore, their emotional resilience to whatever life throws at them, in effect socialisation is nature’s way of preparing a puppy for their life ahead as an adult dog; helping to teach them what is safe and what may be a threat to their wellbeing in the future. It is a time of great learning potential and exploratory behavior and if we help the puppy and put enough knowledge, time, and effort into this short period the future for the dog is much brighter. In my extensive experience, I’ve found that puppies do well to meet both older dogs and other puppies as long as they are under expert dog handler supervision.


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