After over more than 17 years Louise is a trained handler and trainer of hundreds of dogs in various specialist disciplines,
🐾explosive detection,
🐾live body ,
🐾drugs detection
🐾Clandestine Detection .

Increasing her expertise she now concentrates mostly on wildlife Detection and monitoring using dogs .
She has trained and handled in a massive variety of wildlife detection roles, including;
🐾bat carcasses and bird carcass detection at wind turbine sites,
🐾entry and exit point of mice in a building to help with pest control ,
🐾Ivory, lion skins and Pangolin scale detection for wildlife crime and smuggling prevention in Gabon,
🐾great crested newt detection for Amphibian Wildlife Conservation Project and Wessex  water handler training.
🐾cheetah scat in South Africa,
🐾dormouse nest detection for Cheshire Wildlife Trust
🐾pine marten scat detection for the use by Vincent Wildlife Trust and Shropshire Mammal Group,
🐾Hedgehog Detection dog searches for People’s Trust for endangered species and British Hedghog preservation society for Hartpury university.
🐾Water Vole spraying detection for North Wales Mammal Group.
🐾Vermin Detection for Biosecurity for BRitish Antarctic Survey and Bam and WD4C.
🐾Amphibian carcass detection for London zoological society

Other project and training I have been involved in are:-
🐾Otter spraying detection
🐾Wolf and Lynx scat detection
🐾Mammal Carcass Detection
🐾Invasive Beetle detection
🐾Bed bug detection
🐾Bear scat detection
🐾Carnivore scat detection
🐾Poison detection
And many more

Louise is multi business award winner and Network She Award Winner,
With a Diploma in Higher Education in animal behaviour and welfare , 17 years’ experience of working and training specialist search dogs, a high level of enthusiasm and a genuine passion for dogs and wildlife, Louise is perfectly placed to provide a service that can offer a “Total Wildlife Solution Uk ” from supplying already trained dogs and handlers, to training worldwide handlers for their own projects and their dogs, to full project management and consultancy of a specific conservation project using specific scent trained dogs as well as courses for novices to experts.

This unique service provides specially trained wildlife detection dogs and handlers to conservationists, ecologists, wildlife crime officers and wildlife organisations to help with wildlife detection through a quick, efficient, non-invasive and non-biased method of surveying.

As well as interests in wildlife conservation, Louise is inspired to try and increase awareness of working dog welfare and mental health.

Louise has travelled the world and been lucky to have worked in some amazing places, South Africa, Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Montana, and is a regular trainer and instructor in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Denmark giving her a wealth of knowledge she is more than willing to share.

Louise is travelling to run workshop, demonstrations, consultancy and presentations to increase the awareness of dogs working in conservation and helping stop wildlife crime.



Due to Louise’s experience and Training technique there has been a big request for pet workshops and training for pet dogs.

So Due to requests Louise now  offers success pet training courses Ans instructor training such as:
🌿Super sniffers workshop
🌿World of detection dogs
🌿Detection camps
🌿Detection development camps
🌿Water search courses
🌿Indication camps
🌿Night search camps
🌿scent  work instructor education
🌿And all scent work related training and instructing services from 121 to group settings.

With a friendly, force free and positively motivating attitude Louise is great at increasing dog and handler confident and search skill sets. All dog are welcome .
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Scent detection
Detection training
Indication training
Scent instructor education

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