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We are a human and Labrador team who love going for walks and making new friends. Bob, the Labrador, is in charge of making friends, tour-guiding to the best sniffs and starting games of chase whereas Rach, the human, is in charge of taxi service, providing treats and taking photos. Rach is CRB checked, fully insured and NARPS registered. We have a positive, harm free, approach to behaviour management and strive to develop secure, trusting and respectful relationships with all of our clients; human and animal.

Dog Walking

We offer two group walks each day and solo walks in the morning or afternoon. If your dog is social, enjoys exploring and has good recall they’ll love group walks. However, if your pup is reactive to their environment, too old to play with the young ‘uns or requires a bit more attention, solo walks are perfect.

We GPS track all of our walks; you’ll see our route, how long we were walking and how far we went. You’re welcome to send your dog with a tracker; we love seeing their personal route and appreciate the additional level of safety they provide.

Each week we explore lots of different places and take tons of photos so you can see your pup having fun (check our facebook). Furthermore, at the end of the walk we use our warm shower and towels to clean each pup ready to go home for a snooze.

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of all our dogs and anyone we might come into contact with. Consequently, we strive to undertake walks in quiet areas, manage the environment to reduce distractions and continually assess everyone’s behaviour.

Cat/Small Animal Visits

A perfect way for you to go away and leave your animals in their normal comfortable environment. Rach provides food and cleans the litter trays, then dedicates time to interacting with your pet. Importantly, this is tailored to your pet’s preferences i.e. stroking, grooming or playing with toys. Furthermore, home safety services can be included as required i.e. your post will be moved to a safe place.


Dog Walking, Group Walks, Solo Walks, Puppy Visits, Cat Visits, Small Animal Care

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