My bespoke personal coaching programmes are for clients that want to improve the partnership with their dog.

Programmes are available for puppies & dogs from 8 weeks, the programmes are bespoke and will take into account your aspirations, abilities and previous experience. I will treat you and your dog as a partnership working with the dog as an individual taking into account their breed (or potential breeds) drive, motivation and physicality.

Over the years I have realised that dogs and their human partners are so individual that general obedience/skill group classes are not the best environment for many dogs, therefore my programmes are ideal for these partnerships.

Every client and their dog has an initial assessment and goal setting consultation where we discuss your goals however small or ambitious and work out an achievable coaching plan.  I cannot guarantee your will reach all your goals but I will be honest and will produce a programme that will head in the direction. Initial programmes are for two or  three months and can be booked in further three month blocks after the initial programme is completed. There is a 2 month programme specifically for puppies from the age of 8 weeks which includes a 4-week puppy partnership course via Zoom so we can start their programme during their key learning phase but without them having to finish their vaccinations first.

All programmes after the initial consultation will include two coaching sessions each month, there is ongoing WhatsApp support and a telephone call booked for the weeks when you do not have a physical session. Everyone who books on a programme will be invited to join a private Facebook for support & advice and the opportunity to share with others who are following or have completed a programme this group is free for the first three months.

If you would like to discuss your goals please contact me via to book a Discovery Call



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