Speaking Spaniel (Allsorts Dog Training) and Gill Gallagher specialise in personalised training programmes and one to one training programmes & short courses for spaniels of all types.

I want to help you understand your spaniel’s natural hunting instincts, drives motivators and reinforcements including why they do it and how you can incorporate these functions into their life as a happy and fulfilled family pet. While focusing on building confidence and two-way relationships incorporating choice-based learning methods taking in to account the individual learning needs of the guardian and their dog.

The Speaking Spaniel personalised training programmes include:

  • Speaking spaniel puppy programme – for puppies from 8 – 20 weeks
  • Speaking spaniel programme – for all dogs over 5 months
  • Speaking Spaniel Pet Gundog Programme – dogs over 5 months. This is not suitable for dogs without an understanding of basic training skills or if you intend to use your spaniel as a working gun dog

All of the programmes are individual and your programme content could include:

  • Understanding your spaniel & their what and why.
  • Support with confidence, communication, connection & relationship building.
  • Games & activities to harness those natural behaviours using their individual, drive, motivation and reinforcements.
  • Introducing calm activities which are still fun into your lives.
  • Foundation skills for gun dog type activities
  • Managing your expectations of your spaniel and incorporating this into your longer life together.

One to one training sessions & packages could be for:

  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • Focus & engagement
  • Gundog foundations


Personalised programmes & one to one packages for all types of spaniel



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