• Have walks become a massive pain in the arm?
  • Have you stopped letting your dog off lead for fear he will not come back?
  • Are guests being greeted by jumping and bouncing at the door?
  • Is pupping-nipping become painful?
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Wallingford and Surrounding Areas
My name is Paula, and I am the founder of ‘All Dogs New Tricks’ pet dog training in the beautiful Wallingford and Surrounding Areas. I am delighted to be here to provide training and support to you and your dog for a wide range of basic and everyday issues. Having begun life in Glasgow, teaching one-to-one sessions and classes, and working with the Dogs Trust, I relocated to Wallingford in the summer of 2018 and found such a warm welcome from a wonderful community.
I have a Zoology BSc and Speech and Language Pathology BSc and have been immersed in the world of rescue dogs and life training skills, focusing on the science based approach of fear-free learning, positive reinforcement and canine enrichment. I am a student with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and a member of the Pet Professional Network – both advocates for force-free training.
What makes me different from other trainers is my professional qualifications in both animal behaviour, and human communication and learning.
I have extensive experience in the areas of interpreting behaviour and body language, increasing 2-way and functional communication, and understanding the impact of external and internal factors on successful learning.
My years of experience have allowed me to refine my skills in providing a holistic approach with great results, as supported by results and reviews from those that I have worked with. I can support you to learn the skill of teaching your dog in a successful and fun way.
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