The Pet Professional Network proudly welcomes you to 

The Distinctive Dog Trainer Mastermind Course

Your gateway to becoming a ‘Distinctive Dog Trainer’

Course open for bookings now – starting January 2023 (Limited spaces)

Dedicated to uniqueness, empathy and unrivalled support.

Do your train and work with dogs?

Are you ready to become a Distinctive Dog Trainer?

Finally embrace your uniqueness and nail your core dog training offering, as we take you on on a very special career path and, as a bonus, to geek-out with some of the best industry experts. 

Empowering you to open up more of the right doors in your dog training business

You are fantastic at training dogs.
You’ve got the skills and you’ve done numerous practical courses.
However, you…

  • Worry about what other dog trainers think of you.
  • Find yourself lacking focus or clarity
  • Struggle to find CPD that can really enhance your knowledge and skillset.
  • Can’t seem to nail down your core offering.
  • Lack the confidence to raise your prices.
  • Never seem to have enough time.
  • Are constantly trying to please too many dog owners.

The truth is that you need expert support from somebody who has been there – someone who is not only a Dog Training expert but also has years of experience successfully marketing, managing and raising standards in the Dog Training industry.

And that’s where I come in.

Plus our expert panel of behaviourists, dog trainers and business coaches. 

We want to show you everything we know so that you can be a success!

Course syllabus -all this good stuff!

Weekly support

Each week we focus on an important element in your business; with live training, workbooks and guest speakers. Each Tuesday at 4pm we have our Q and A business Zoom training or our ‘behavioural bites’ geek out sessions (recorded if you can’t attend). Here you can ask as many questions as you like and receive support with your workbooks. Don’t worry, you can work at your own pace.

Optional assessment

You are invited to join us for our optional assessment. Don’t think of this as an exam – we give you maximum support and questions are based around ethics, safety your case studies and the workbooks. You have plenty of time to complete and if you pass will be invited into our small hub for extra support and invite back to new future course content!

Full syllabus (click arrow on each for full view)

Week 1: Enrolment and Settling In (Tuesday the 12th of January)

Access into the VIP Facebook Group, email support and meet the team. All the support you need throughout your course.

Week 2: Welcome and Prep – with Helen Motteram

Settle in and get to grips with our structure of the course, we have a very special connection challenge to get you started. 
Live webinar on Tuesday the the 17th of January with Helen Motteram. 

Week 3: Your Core Story and Offering – with Helen Motteram

We pull apart your core story, what you are offering, and your client’s journey and shape it into something irresistible to your clients. 
Live webinar Tuesday the 24th of January with Helen Motteram. 

Week 4: Niche and Content Creation (your personal touch) – with Bethany Grace and Helen Motteram

Imagine a business page where your clients hung on to every one of your words. A page which inspired and motivated dog owners and filled your inbox with messages of hope. Show up regularly and reveal the face behind the business – build trust with dog owners through social media and being you. You can be your niche! 
Live webinar Tuesday the 31st of January with Bethany Grace, Bull Breed Behaviourist and Helen Motteram.

Week 5: Behavioural Bites Geek Out Session – with Catherine Phoenix Hallam

We work through a behavioural or training issue case study to build on your knowledge. 
Live webinar Tuesday the 7th of February with guest expert; Catherine Phoenix Hallam MSc – managing the multi-dog household.

Week 6: Pricing – with Robin Waite

We will dive deep into the structure of your core offering and question the mindset around pricing, and how you can have a consistent income. 
Live webinar ‘pricing masterclass’  Tuesday the 14th of February with Special guest expert; Robin Waite, best selling Author, international speaker and business coach. 

Week 7: Behavioural Bites Geek Out Session – with Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT 

We work through a behavioural or training issue case study to build on your knowledge. 

We are proud to welcome Jane Ardern talking about all things spaniel!
Live webinar 21st of February

Week 8: The Consultation and Programmes – with Helen Motteram

Finally get to grips with the headache of consults, programmes and discovery calls. 
Live webinar Tuesday the 28th of February with Helen Motteram. 

Week 9: Ethics and Championing the Industry – with Carrie-Anne Selwyn

Be an advocate in the industry while staying true to your values and ethics. We will be discussing equipment, handling and client support. These sessions really get us thinking outside of the box discussing things we are often afraid to on social media.
Live webinar Tuesday the 7th of March with special expert; Carrie-Anne Selwyn, founder of Canine Hoopers World and an epic and awesome dog trainer! 

Week 10: The Go-To Expert – with Rachel Spencer

Get the attention of not just your clients but the media too. Be the go-to specialist in your field. 
Live webinar ‘the go to expert’. Tuesday the 14th of March with special guest expert; Rachel Spencer, freelance writer specialising in the pet industry. 

Week 11: Behavioural Bites Geek Out Session – with Janet Finlay

We work through a behavioural or training issue case study to build on your knowledge. 

We are proud to welcome back Janet Finlay discussing ‘your end of the lead’
Live webinar 21st of March

Week 12: safety, stooge work, client support and structuring your sessions

Safety, client support and structuring your sessions is the key to success. We will be looking at ways to streamline your sessions, protect yourself and your clients and how to include stooge/helper dogs or people.
Live webinar Tuesday the 28th of March

Week 13: Behavioural Bites Geek Out

We work through a behavioural or training issue case study to build on your knowledge. Rescue work with Nat Light CCAB
Live webinar Tuesday the 4th of April

Week 14: Assessments and course review!

Get full support with completing your assessment – remember it is not an exam but written account of the work you do with your clients, safety and ethics and the workbooks you’ve completed. Passing the assessment invites you to the DDT Academy to join our 20 graduates and ongoing support. It’s a very special place to be.
Live webinar Tuesday the 11th of April

Flexible Payment Options


£100 off for the first 5 to join the Distinctive Dog Trainer Mastermind. Don’t miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a new, start-up business will this course suit me?

Firstly – well done on starting up your business! Secondly – YES – if you have a Dog Training business or do behavioural work. You must be running a Dog Training business in some capacity to join this course. It will give you the perfect foundation to really make your business a success.

I am advanced in my dog training business will this course suit me?

This course is open to all Dog Trainers and those who do behavioural work- we will be covering some specific Dog Training but most of the training will be focused on the business side and the structure of your dog training business!

I don’t do dog training is this course suited to me?

Unfortunately – no. We have tailored this course specifically to Dog Trainers. There will be some overlap with behavioural work so it is also suited to those who work with behavioural cases, working towards becoming a behaviourist or are already a behaviourist. As a bonus we also have our ‘behavioural bite’ sessions so you can expand your knowledge and open up some questions on those all-important case studies.

Do I have to take the assessment?

If you’d like to graduate as a Distinctive Dog Trainer you will need to take the assessment. It’s an online assessment and you get 3 attempts to submit within 3 months. 

Have a question?


What does the assessment involve? 

The assessment is made up of 6 parts and is all submitted online, it is not like an exam however shows us your continual learning, empathy, kindness and understanding as a dog trainer. We allow 3 attempts with each part, so we may contact you to add extra information or evidence.

What if I can’t make all the live training?

Don’t worry- all training is recorded so you can catch up if needed. There will also be plenty of discussion and chances to ask questions in the private group.

Do you have a code of conduct/ethics?

We invite trainers who actively provide and promote methods of training and handling that do not intentionally cause fear, means of force or put animals intentionally over threshold. 

Can I pay in instalments? 

Payments can be broken down, if you’d like to do so please request this upon signing up. 

What do I receive at the end of the course? 

If you complete the course you will receive a certificate and a great new outlook on your dog training business to start the new year with! 

If you take your assessment and pass you will be invited into our peer support group and can use the title ‘Distinctive Dog Trainer’ receive a badge to use on your website. The Distinctive Dog Trainer status is something incredibly unique to our industry. 

A little about me…

Hi, I’m Helen Motteram

I’ve loved and worked with animals all my life; from rescue work, travelling overseas to work with hundreds of rescue dogs, to helping my own dog, Sally, overcome her own fear of other dogs. 

But it’s not only animals I’m passionate about. I help ambitious, hardworking dog trainers to have more fun, more time and greater confidence in their business. 

With a background in counselling, animal behaviour mentoring and business coaching, I combined my skills and my love of animals to create a business support community known as the Pet Professional Network, alongside my own mentoring business: ‘Helen Motteram, the Distinctive Pet Business Coach’. 

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