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Webinar – Mastering your Morning Routine

The way we start our day has a powerful impact on our enjoyment and productivity for the rest of the day. By implementing some simple but highly effective practices you can elevate yourself, which can in turn elevate your business.

Proudly hosted by Carri Robinson Platinum Member of PPN and founder of Wild Heart Dogs.

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Webinar – Steps to Fun and Cooperative Grooming with the Holistic Dog Groomer

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DDT Mastermind Course – business modules including our expert panel (for Accredited Distinctive Dog Trainers only)

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DDT Mastermind Course – Geek Out Sessions (for Accredited Distinctive Dog Trainers only)

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Webinar – Border Collie and unwanted chasing behaviours

Presented by collie specialist Martina Miradoli this webinar looks into the behaviour of the Border Collie and how to help support owners with chasing type behaviours.

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Webinar – Recall training for Pet Professionals

Hosted by recall and puppy specialist Adam Delderfield this webinar dives deep into how to improve your skills at training recall, including for different life stages.

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Webinar – A Better Life For Kids Around Dogs

We are proud to welcome Debby Lucken the founder of Kids Around Dogs (KAD) who is presenting this webinar to help us support clients with families and their dogs.

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Course – How to use Instagram for business

This online course is hosted by our Affiliate and social media trainer – Jonathan Pollinger.

These 8 modules will help you gain clarity and confidence using Instagram for your business. Each module will guide you through an important topic and at the end you will receive your certificate.

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Course – Reducing Stress in the domestic dog

This mini course looks at the causes and effects of stress, how to spot stress, and the environmental changes to reduce stress in dogs.

This course is presented by Daniel Shaw ACDBC. Daniel runs a dog behaviour consulting business in the Southeast of England called Animal Behaviour Kent. He trained with the Natural Animal Centre, is an associate certified dog behaviour consultant with the IAABC, a student member of the APBC, and is in the final year of his undergraduate degree with London South Bank University.

This course is broken down into three parts covering:

  1. What is stress?
  2. How to identify stress in dogs.
  3. Resolving stress in dogs.

Lesson 1

This section covers the definition of stress, and the physiological and psychological changes we see during stress.

Lesson 2

This section examines how we identify stress in a dog, covering some common signs of stress and important rule outs.

Lesson 3

This section looks out the canine ethogram, and how these needs can be met in order to reduce stress.

You will gain 2 CPD points and a certificate on completion of this course.

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Course – WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp Business allows pet professionals to safely and securely message their customers directly directly within the WhatsApp messaging platform.

There are lots of additional functions and tips to streamline communication and this course offers the foundations to give you the best start!

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Course – Introduction to online training with Zoom

If you are looking to use Zoom for online training this course will help lay the perfect foundations and improve your confidence. 

Instructed by Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer, this course is split into 5 easy to digest modules. 

About your instructor 

Jonathan Pollinger is a freelance social media and Zoom trainer. His mission is to equip you to grow your business using social media and help you make the most of Zoom. He does this by providing tailored training, using the latest tips, tools and techniques. 

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Course – List building with lead magnets

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Mini course – working with anxious dogs

This is an intermediate, short course designed to improve your skills and confidence designing controlled set ups for anxious/nervous dogs.

The course is a set of short videos, based on the work with Social Paws. These demonstrate real life, controlled set ups. Here we use outlets such as cones and the natural environment to increase confidence, encourage natural behaviours and give the dog a job to do.

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
UK sniffer dogs
Canine Confidence
Do no harm dog training
The Dog Training College
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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