Resource guarding prevention in puppies


Adam and Stella run Delders Dogs and provide training services, behaviour consults, puppy classes and online membership. Through their unique view on raising puppies and teaching owners they have prevented countless resource guarding issues and helped owners and their dogs live in harmony. Join them as they dive deep into this subject and talk about their experiences dealing with resource guarding cases and how to prevent it in puppies.


Resource guarding is one of the most common issues we get in puppy classes. Building confidence and overcoming reactivity is something we at Delders Dog pride ourselves on. We build confidence in puppies and owners week on week and vary rarely have any issues with reactivity or aggression. Resource guarding normally at a low level is something we see a lot in puppies, it’s a very natural but confusing behaviour for owners to deal with.

Myth Busting

Prevention vs Cure

why does it occur

Old School methods

Building trust

How to teach owners without them realising


Safety and situational awareness with Gareth Dickinson

Gareth developed an interest in personal safety and situational awareness and would deliver information sessions to students and is a qualified self defence trainer and conflict management trainer.

During this session Gareth will discuss the key aspects of personal safety and situational awareness that you can apply whether you’re a dog trainer or dog walker. This will include route planning, identifying risk, awareness of your surroundings, how you can manage your safety.

Gareth is the owner and founder of Forever Home Dog Training based in the Northwest, he established the company in 2020 as a result of adopting his Staffordshire bull terrier Lexi and already owning his German Shepherd called Bear, and wanting to support rescue dog owners. Gareth balanced his business alongside being a full time police officer, during his thirteen years of service Gareth encountered many challenging situations such as dealing with volatile and abusive people, attending public order situations such as fights and assaults, festivals, football matches, missing persons, vulnerable people and working on knife crime reduction as well as supporting University students as a dedicated student liaison officer.


Weekly and yearly planning webinar (with templates)

We dive deep into your weekly and yearly planning. Featuring the default diary and yearly planner created by Helen Motteram. Help streamline your daily schedule and avoid overwhelm in your pet business!

Please check out materials at the top to download all your templates!


Seasonal support webinar

A webinar to support you over the festive period, with content planning, client communication and time off. Our Founder Helen Motteram will be discussing also about how one piece of advice for pets at Christmas got her on the expert panel with BBC Breakfast!


Ethical breeding with Clare Andrusyk

This webinar is not only about how to find a good breeder, its about how to spot potential scammers and bad breeders. Clare who is a breeding mentor and accredited dog trainer will also discuss how trainers and dog professionals can expand what they offer by offering this as a service. More people in our industry need to help and educate the public.


Rethinking group dog training with Vicki Main

Our new series of webinars focusing on rethinking our services – in line to thinking more about the animal in front of us rather than more traditional obedience or pet care.

From a business support view how can we get pet parents onboard with the best interests of their pets. This includes the labels we may use, explaining our services and not alienating our audience.

We welcome Member Vicki Main who has a unique approach to her classes and would like to share this with you.


Webinar – life as a veterinary nurse and canine first aid with Rachel Bean

Rachel has been working professionally with dogs since 1994 starting as a Dogstrust Assistant Kennel Manager before pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine. Rachel Qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2002 and has been in practice since 1996 In recent years Rachel has followed her strong interests in Canine Welfare, Canine Behaviour, Owner Education, Street Dog welfare in Asia and is also one of the most prominent Canine First Aid Tutors in the UK and more recently around the world. The skills needed in Veterinary Practice, empathy, understanding, precision and forward thinking compliment perfectly the skills needed to be a Veterinary Nurse such as practical handling, breed knowledge, dog training capabilities and a natural passion for dogs. This combination of experience both practical and theoretical is a rare combination and places Rachel above and beyond the average Veterinary Nurse and Canine First Aid Trainer.


Webinar – Ignoring the negativity of the balanced world

We are proud to welcome Charly Kay who will be discussing how we can focus more on our own business whilst ignoring the negativity of the balanced world. This webinar comes with a certificate at the end and 2 CPD points.

About Charly

I’m Charly and I own and run C-K9 Behaviour consultant (previously dog training with Charly) Working In the dog training world can be super tough and sometimes feel like your fighting a losing battle when it comes to local balanced trainers you may have But I want to take some time to talk through how to avoid the negative thoughts and not get sucked into the world of trying to defend your training style. I have the pleasure of living less than a mile from one of the largest balance trainers currently trending on line and I have the added positive that he knows exactly who I am! So I’m here to help sift through the troubles and the doubts people often have and talk through how to carry on without feeling like the balanced trainers are winning


Webinar – Mastering your Morning Routine

The way we start our day has a powerful impact on our enjoyment and productivity for the rest of the day. By implementing some simple but highly effective practices you can elevate yourself, which can in turn elevate your business.

Proudly hosted by Carri Robinson Platinum Member of PPN and founder of Wild Heart Dogs.


Webinar – Steps to Fun and Cooperative Grooming with the Holistic Dog Groomer

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Business Modules Including Our Expert Panel



Geek Out Sessions

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Webinar – Border Collie and unwanted chasing behaviours

Presented by collie specialist Martina Miradoli this webinar looks into the behaviour of the Border Collie and how to help support owners with chasing type behaviours.


Webinar – Recall training for Pet Professionals

Hosted by recall and puppy specialist Adam Delderfield this webinar dives deep into how to improve your skills at training recall, including for different life stages.


Webinar – A Better Life For Kids Around Dogs

We are proud to welcome Debby Lucken the founder of Kids Around Dogs (KAD) who is presenting this webinar to help us support clients with families and their dogs.


Course – How to use Instagram for business

This online course is hosted by our Affiliate and social media trainer – Jonathan Pollinger.

These 8 modules will help you gain clarity and confidence using Instagram for your business. Each module will guide you through an important topic and at the end you will receive your certificate.


Course – Reducing Stress in the domestic dog

This mini course looks at the causes and effects of stress, how to spot stress, and the environmental changes to reduce stress in dogs.

This course is presented by Daniel Shaw ACDBC. Daniel runs a dog behaviour consulting business in the Southeast of England called Animal Behaviour Kent. He trained with the Natural Animal Centre, is an associate certified dog behaviour consultant with the IAABC, a student member of the APBC, and is in the final year of his undergraduate degree with London South Bank University.

This course is broken down into three parts covering:

  1. What is stress?
  2. How to identify stress in dogs.
  3. Resolving stress in dogs.

Lesson 1

This section covers the definition of stress, and the physiological and psychological changes we see during stress.

Lesson 2

This section examines how we identify stress in a dog, covering some common signs of stress and important rule outs.

Lesson 3

This section looks out the canine ethogram, and how these needs can be met in order to reduce stress.

You will gain 2 CPD points and a certificate on completion of this course.


Course – WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp Business allows pet professionals to safely and securely message their customers directly directly within the WhatsApp messaging platform.

There are lots of additional functions and tips to streamline communication and this course offers the foundations to give you the best start!


Course – Introduction to online training with Zoom

If you are looking to use Zoom for online training this course will help lay the perfect foundations and improve your confidence. 

Instructed by Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer, this course is split into 5 easy to digest modules. 

About your instructor 

Jonathan Pollinger is a freelance social media and Zoom trainer. His mission is to equip you to grow your business using social media and help you make the most of Zoom. He does this by providing tailored training, using the latest tips, tools and techniques. 


Course – List building with lead magnets

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
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Canine Confidence
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The Dog Training College
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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