• Gold member coaching call

    Gold Member – coaching call We invite all our Gold members to take advantage of their 20 minute coaching call, as a thank you for being a long-term member of PPN. To book please email: Helen@petpronetwork.com

  • Book your practice discovery call

    If you are struggling with discovery calls you can book a free practice session with our Founder Helen. Please note this is for Platinum Members and Distinctive Dog Trainers only. Book your call by contacting: Helen@petpronetwork.com

  • Marketing overview

    This is a really helpful selection of resources to help you market your pet business effectively and stress free!

  • The discovery call

    A way to get to know about your client and the case, how you can help and to build trust to lead to a booking.

  • Marketing 101

    Marketing is all about taking your prospective clients on a journey. Many touch points over a period of time.

  • A list of ways to market your business

    We have put together a useful list of ways to help market your business.

  • Marketing overview

    Marketing is not just about advertising and getting your name out there. It is also about setting boundaries and making sure you are not pouring from an empty cup. In these resources we go a little deeper into the mindset and other considerations.  ...

  • Daily routine

    It’s important to structure your day so you don’t become overwhelmed and have time to do things with your own family and pets as well as working on your business. We will be going through some simple tips and templates to help structure your...

  • Comparing ourselves with others

    We compare ourselves to others in all walks of life and whilst seeking inspiration or sharing ideas can be extremely useful constantly checking what others are doing and then feeling negative about ourselves is not. As business owners and kind, ethical pet pros we...

  • Your message and building trust

    Sadly when it comes to pricing one reason potential clients are not ready to buy is because they don’t understand your message, fail to see the results or simply have not been on a long enough journey. Marketing is many touch points over a...

  • Pricing Mindset

    Sometimes we can feel icky or guilty when it comes to discussing our prices. In this resource we will be looking at some of the reasons we find it a challenge to sell and why sometimes the client says no. It’s actually ok to...

  • Pet bereavement with Carrie Kearns

    We are proud to welcome our Affiliate Member Carrie Kearns who will be discussing four very important topics of conversation when it comes to losing our companion (or when a client loses a companion). COMING SOON!

  • Imposter syndrome

    Imposter syndrome – that feeling you are some kind of fraud or not good enough. I think this is one many of us can relate to at some point in our business or personal development. On a plus side it’s good to know you...

  • Finding your ideal client

    We can’t help every pet owner and it’s important to remember that we need boundaries. These resources create the perfect baseline to finding or keeping that ideal client so you get the best results and enjoy the work you do!

  • Programmes

    Providing programmes is not only important to getting ongoing results with your clients but will enable you to have a more consistent income. We will be looking at why programmes are so important and why we should be providing them for our clients. For...

  • Ongoing support

    There will be clients who believe in quick fixes or instant results, so it is important that we help educate them to see that long term support is the key and why our ongoing success programmes work. For more in-depth learning on creating programmes...

  • The default diary

    A ‘Default Diary’ is a plan of specific times in a week or month that are dedicated to important activities. It helps identify important activities and services and reserve time in our diary to deliberately work on them or provide them. This is best...

  • Structure and time

    When it comes to pricing your products or services, it can be a very emotive subject. I tend to use a simple equation: how much do you need to earn and how many things do you have time to do? It’s also important to...

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The Dog Training College
Positive Dog Training Academy
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Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
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The Holistic Grooming Academy
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