You are good enough

I’ve said this once before and I will say it again – YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH

Are you lying awake in bed at night? Constantly worrying about what others think? Perhaps that last blog post wasn’t good enough? Quite frankly I’m sad to keep hearing from so many pet professionals saying they are not good. Let’s face it. There’s always going to be someone more experienced than you. More qualified than you. So reducing your prices or telling others that you aren’t experienced enough really does very little but undervalue your skills and expertise.

This week we have been talking about media opportunities and I’m quite surprised that few of you have pursued this?

Ok, so it doesn’t mean you have to be constantly on show, bragging or pretentious but what it does mean is that every single one of you are missing out on opportunities every day.

Just because you don’t like the way you look. Just because you don’t do public speaking. Just because you don’t feel ready yet.

I want to see YOU warts and all. I couldn’t care less about that bad hair day, that’s the last thing I will be looking at. You’ve got to stop caring about what others think. I will tell you a secret. They worry to!

So why do I share so many motivational, supportive blogs? Why not just tell you to ‘man up’ oh how I dearly hate that phrase. Well… This kind of positive reinforcement with a little bit of me reminding you will give you a little push (I hope). I’m going to keep chipping away until I get that message off you in my inbox.

In fact it’s already happening. I’ve had 10 PM’s over the past few days “I did it”. You can do it too. I care. I care about you and your business. I want you to succeed and move forward. But fear and self doubt seem to always get in your way.

Think of some of the most influential trainers and other pet professionals. I’m not going to name drop but they DON’T charge the cheapest. They are premium. They’ve took the notion go big or go home. They’ve been the movers and shakers.

They are the ones who get out there and make the MOST of EVERY opportunity. Now you are going to shake things up! I love to join people on their journey. You are all individuals so I want to understand you more. Sometimes to push ourselves forward we need a little guidance. A bit like your one to ones – nothing compares to the value of your bespoke support.

Next week I will be letting you know what’s in store for the next upcoming months.

Exciting times. Until then sit back and relax.


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