The most important part of your business is YOU

The Pet Professional Network is all about supporting what’s holding the end of the lead.

The heart of your business.

The one person who makes the cogs turn.

We are so busy caring about others that we often FORGET to care about OURSELVES.

But it’s not just us who could lose out.

What about your OWN pets your FAMILY and your FRIENDS.

“I don’t have time to walk my own dogs”

“I’m too busy to meet my friends”

“I have to work weekends”

You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to. You should have time to do the things YOU LOVE.

Running your own business should mean more time for you.

But the reality is you end up racing around like a headless chicken trying to please everyone.


You can’t please everyone.

You need to make time for yourself.

Burnout is REAL I know as I’ve been there.

You need to learn to be more kind to yourself. A good default diary. A good routine. Systems in place.

Everyone needs a break. Time to relax and recharge.

If you lack downtime, regular time off and never have a holiday you could be having a real negative impact not only on your mental well being, but also your energy levels.

Poor mental well being has a direct impact on your business.

Lower productivity. The inability to focus. Lack of motivation. Lack of sleep.

This means you end up resenting your job and become too tired to give it 100%

So give some extra time for yourself.

Make sure you have a social media free day.

The world’s not going to end because you can’t walk Fido on a Saturday. The owner can survive without you for a few days.

Meet up with that friend.

Don’t spend the rest of your life being a busy idiot. That’s not living. That’s just work.

Thanks for reading,
Helen Motteram

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