Stop making dog owners feel guilty

We are here to help dog owners and make them feel GOOD about themselves

When we coach and train, It’s not only about helping the dog but also what’s at the end of the lead – the dog owner.

When I walked into my first dog training course, I felt on top of the world. I was inspired. Motivated.

Your clients should feel the same too.

However I see so many posts on pages and many other groups that make the prospective clients feel guilty.

Now it’s not to say that there aren’t any difficult or challenging dog owners, but with motivation and inspiring them to reach their goals, we make a much better coach.

When I see such posts I like to encourage others to walk in their shoes – how would you feel if other professionals kept opening criticising your posts.

“You were too slow giving the treat”

“Your camera work is all over the place”

“You explained that all wrong”

Or imagine you in fact have a coach (maybe a personal trainer) and you felt guilty as you couldn’t manage those extra 10 squats.

Not much positive reinforcement is there.

Constructive advice, mentioning the positives first is soooo much better.

Pet owners are the same.

They don’t want to be made to feel like a failure. A bad dog owner.

I succeeded in getting my blogs, my message out far and wide and attracting my ideal client by making them feel good about themselves.

You need to do the same.

It’s time to stop the training jargon, give simple advice and most of all WALK IN THEIR SHOES.

By talking jargon, or constantly moaning about your clients, you will simply turn them off and advertently turn the dog trainers on.

That’s right the wrong people are reading your blogs, unless your clients are other dog trainers?

Probably not.

Start to think like your client. Feel like your client. Help them feel GREAT about themselves.

Stop putting them down.

Educate and support them. Share meaningful stories, always refer back to them. Your story is their story.

A lasting, good impression.

Reassure them that it’s ok to make mistakes. That they are not a bad dog owner.

They will feel inspired by you, empowered, look forward to your posts. Look forward to meeting you.

You have the power to help owners get back their confidence, the confidence which was lost after being constantly nagged at by trainer X and by the so called ‘perfect’ dog owner who tutted at them as Fido pulled them down the street.

Thanks for reading,

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