Raising the standards to help support more pet owners

Pet owners deserve the best level of support, always

Here at PPN we are not only committed to helping pet professionals, but pet owners too. Our community is full of the most trusted, caring and supporting pet professionals. This means we can help improve the standard of the industry helping thousands of pets and owners lives.

By being part of PPN your clients know you are committed to giving them kind, effective and long term support. Our directory is easy to navigate around meaning professionals and owners can search by area or services needed.

We are people focused!

Our organisation empowers you with you best people skills and our logo is a stamp of approval that your methods are both kind and effective with on emphasis on long term support.

We want you to understand your client’s journey…

  • The ability to walk in their shoes.
  • Long term support.
  • A high level of good customer service.

Helen Motteram, our founder and manager of Social Paws, is working hard to not only raise the profile of PPN to pet professionals but dog owners too. This means that our directory will not only be visited by other pet professionals to cross refer but from pet owners too, looking for recommendations.

Helen says:

“When I started up I found there was little in the way of long term support for dog owners, I also found dog owners found it incredibly hard to know who to trust. So one of the many benefits of our organisation is that it educates and supports professionals on the importance of long term support and ensures all our members give a great level of customer service. This job is not only about pets but also people. The dog owners who desperately need help, but the right kind of help. By seeing our logo on a member’s website it will help ensure owners that these professionals offer a service which is not only be effective, long term but also kind”

For more information about trusted professionals in your local area please visit our recommended directory.

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

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Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
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The Holistic Grooming Academy
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