Bullying – You should never suffer in silence

Behind my winning smile was sadness…

My story is one that you will probably relate too. I’ve shared this before, but will share once again. This is because I want to reach out to those who are suffering in silence giving you the confidence to come to me when things get tough.

  • No one should feel alone.
  • No one should be bullied.
  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to get advice and support.
  • We need to help support each other and create a safe place for professionals who can speak out, feel safe…
  • A place we will work together, not against.
  • A place where no question is stupid.
  • A place offering a stepping stone for those confused about what path to take.
  • A place where no problem is too big or too small.
  • A place we are encouraged to talk about the everyday issues we have growing the business side of things.
  • A place we will stamp out bullying for good.

Sadly if you work with pets, bullying exists and many of us have witnessed or suffered bullying from other professionals.

In an industry where we promote positive reinforcement why do so many feel the need to act so unkind to other people?

It really makes no sense.

I was bullied.

By other professionals.

I nearly gave up.

I’m telling you my story to help you and others like you. Never suffer in silence, seek advice, surround yourself with positive people.

If there’s a group on Facebook making you feel uneasy, leave it or report your findings to the admin.

Distance yourself from the said person/s. Document everything. You may benefit from a short break from social media.

To take your mind off such negativity engage yourself in a new hobby. Help others. You may wish, like myself, to speak out about your personal experiences to help others.

Please don’t suffer in silence. You are not alone.

I am proud to be the anti-bulling mentor of ICAN (the international companion animal network). So am here to give advice to members of ICAN and PPN.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a friendly person to talk to, to understand what you’ve been through. This is my role. Not only as a professional but as a friend.

Together We Are Stronger

Thanks for reading,
Helen Motteram

Need to chat? Contact Helen@petpronetwork.com

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