Roley Dogs is a dog training business dedicated to building better relationships between dogs and their owners.

Having heard so many stories of dog owners who had dutifully taken their family dog to other training schools only to be told that their dog was untrainable, it was time to look into better training methods and make them accessible.

Roley Dogs uses training methods that are predominately games based to inspire and build awesome relationships between owners and their dogs. The games that are played are all based on concepts that assist in managing arousal levels, creating focus, getting your dog to love being around you, and giving your dog boundaries. When dogs and their handlers are optimistic, know what is expected of them and are managed in a way that supports them they are set up to succeed.



Junior Handlers Group Dog Training Classes: This class is specifically designed to enable younger students to build great relationships with their dogs. Handlers aged between 8 and 17 years of age are encouraged to learn not only about general training, but also to start experimenting with dog sports and tricks training.

Relationship Building Group Dog Training Classes: The handlers in these classes learn the skills needed to train their dogs. Calmness, Focus and Proximity are the key concepts that we are looking at in this class. We start with games that encourage strong boundaries, a great recall and the ability for the dog to listen in high arousal situations.

Agility and Hoopers Group Dog Training Classes: Welcome to the world of dog sports. In the beginners class we will look at the basic skills needed to teach your dog how to follow your signals and commands to negotiate a simple course of jumps or hoops, tunnels and barrels. More advanced classes will also introduce the agility dog walk and A-frame.

Individual Dog Training: In-home dog training sessions to suit the needs of our handlers and dogs that prefer to work alone or in a known environment.

In-home Enrichment Visits: This is a service for the dogs that are in need of some mental enrichment in the comfort of their own home. Our trainers bring different enrichment activities for the dogs to enjoy while their owners are otherwise occupied.

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