I am a dog behaviourist, dog trainer, and a Bowen therapist for humans horses and dogs. I am also a freelance dressage and flatwork coach, all of these areas of my work combine to form my company Horse and Hound School.


I am fully qualified and insured for all these facets of my work, and I am a full member of Pet Dogs of Europe (PDTE).

I also run a canine Bowen course with a colleague. Our students receive thorough training in Canine Bowen and a big part of the course deals with canine wellbeing and how to advise clients on how to support their dogs in health and when they are ill or in pain.


I have several areas of expertise these are

Rescue greyhounds and lurchers, and helping people to settle them into their new homes

Reactive dogs-helping dogs and owners to build confidence and to return to enjoying their lives

Small puppy classes with special attention to development and lifeskills.

Canine wellbeing

Bowen for dogs, owners and horses.

For more information email info@horseandhoundschool.co.uk

Call 07910 720961



Dog behaviour

Reactive dogs

Puppy classes

Bowen for dogs, horses and people

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

  • ISCP
  • Mighty Dog Graphics
  • Nosey Barkers
  • IMDT
  • Robin Waite
  • UK sniffer dogs
  • The Dream Biz Coach
  • Canine Confidence
  • Do no harm dog training
  • INTOdogs
  • The Dog Training College
  • Positive Dog Training Academy
  • Canine Hoopers World


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