contrariously I am a qualified Practitioner of Applied Zoopharmacognosy (all species).  Specialising in dogs. 

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is the practice of facilitating our animals the opportunity to self medicate on medicinal plant extracts from natures pharmacy.  Extracts that would contain similar constituents found in their evolutionary history. 

By giving our dogs choices and offering them secondary compounds including essential oils, aromatic waters, dried herbs, powders, algae, clays, mineral, fixed & macerated oils allows our dogs to guide their own health using their innate ability. our dog will choose their own remedy, dosage and method application allowing them to bring themselves back in to health and balance maintaining homeostasis.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is known to help with emotional, physical & behavioural issues together with palliative care.

Many of our dogs today sadly suffer from the stress of daily life by not being given choices. Emotional stress from past memories often caused by a previous experience or trauma leading to them carrying a huge weight of emotional baggage. They may be experiencing digestive problems or pain issues, skin problems. All of which may lead to symptoms which can manifest themselves as behavioural issues such as anxiety, hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive disorders, fears & phobias including noise, anxiety & fear of being left alone,  car journeys, going to the vets & many more scenarios.  Even culminating in aggression. 

 By learning more about this practice, including the importance of a safe approach, understanding of the remedies you offering,  including how to offer them safely to your dog and understand their responses can lead to a happy, healthy well balance dog.

Importantly it is also about trust, creating a bond and deepening your relationship with your dog.

I give talks and teach workshops on Applied Zoopharmacognosy.  I presented in many countries including Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Taïwan & Majorca.

I have been a natural dog trainer for over 16 years. I am passionate about animal welfare and have completed a number of courses relating to canine behaviour. My biggest teachers have been and continue to be my own dogs and the dogs I am privileged to work with.    My  focus is on giving choices to dogs and helping them to heal physically and mentally.

My work has included Dogs, Horses, Donkeys, Cats, Baboons, Lemurs & Capuchin monkeys.

Karen Webb Dip.IAZ



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