FAF Free Pets offers dog walking, dog training, pet visits, rabbit boarding & rabbit grooming services with empathy for the local area. We will only ever teach and use positive, Force and Fear (FAF) Free training with you and your pet, based on the 3 C’s; Choice, Connection and Compassion.

Do you have or are you planning to bring home a new puppy or rescue dog? Are you struggling with teaching your dog to walk nicely on lead, or come back when called? Or has your dog started to develop some less-than-desirable behaviours, such as jumping up, barking or resource guarding? Martha has years of experience working with and training dogs and offers bespoke training tailored to your puppy or dog’s specific needs.

Martha’s approach to dog training is based on choice and relationship-based training designed to build a strong foundation that will set you and your dog up for success. She enjoys helping people understand the motivations and emotions that drive their dogs. Holding a BSc(Hons) in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and as a member of the Pet Professional Guild and Pet Professional Network, Martha is passionate about force and fear-free, reward-based training methods. She has completed the UK College of Scent Dogs Detection Dog Handler Accreditation (OCN level 3) and is always looking to keep abreast of current best practices and advances within the field through continuous professional development. Martha is working towards becoming a Certified Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College and a Reactive Rascals instructor.

We are passionate about bunny welfare, which is why we offer 5* rabbit boarding accommodation and rabbit grooming service. Martha has worked with rabbits from many backgrounds, with a variety of personalities as well as helping to educate owners and potential adopters of the complex needs rabbits have. In addition, we have practical experience with dogs, small animals and farm animals, at Wythall Animal Sanctuary, Pawprints Dog Rescue, local farms and farm parks, the Rowington Riding for the Disabled Association and The Donkey Sanctuary, as well as providing pet services to the local area.

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Dog Walking, Dog Training, Pet visits, Rabbit Boarding & Rabbit Grooming

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