We offer personalised Dog Training and Training Walk options, to help you develop with your puppy or dog to fit with your family & your lifestyle.  By showing you how to easily & effectively train them with force-free, reward-based methods.

I share my home with 5 dogs, and a Cat called Lily. 2 of my dogs are rescues from Spain, each with their own challenges, so whatever issue you may be having with your dog – I have probably been there and can support you on your journey.

My love of animals does not stop there. I run a very successful foster based rescue called BeKind Rescue which now has Charity Status. We continue to grow and help animals from all over the EU as well as the UK. The importance of rehoming and getting the right homes for our dogs and cats to ensure they live a happy and long lives is something I am really passionate about.

I use modern, kind, positive training methods with all of my clients. I am an accredited dog trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and The Dog Training College (DTC) as well as having attended numerous courses with The IMDT and in December 2020, completed my Level 4 in Canine Behaviour. I am currently working towards my Level 5 Canine Behaviour Practitioner with The DoGenius and have completed my OFQUAL Diploma in Working with Rescue Dogs. My training will never come to an end, I will always be going on courses and attending seminars to gain more knowledge.


I currently offer the following fully insured services:

Dog Walking
I pride myself on focusing on one client’s pets at a time so do not group walk. Not every dog is comfortable with group walks either which could mean that so many are missing out. Instead, I offer a dog walking service with a difference – offering individual 1-2-1 walks. Do you have a reactive dog that struggles with traditional group walks or day care? Or do you have a dog that could do with a refresher on their recall or walking on a lead?
Dog Training 
Setting up for success before your new puppy or dog arrives in your home and helping them to settle in.
Helping your nervous rescue, puppy or dog to settle in to your home.
Making training enjoyable for you and your dog.
Using Scent work to help relax and build confidence.
Using Gundog training to stimulate you dogs natural needs.
We offer a premium, exceptional service, to help give the very best long term support for you and your dog. Through our bespoke programmes and one to one training and walking programmes we get you results with the highest level of integrity.
Thank you for reading and Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.


1-1 Dog Walk & Train

Home Call in's

Life Skills Training




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