One of the hardest parts about being a pet parent is seeing your pet in pain. Perhaps your senior cat is less inclined to jump up on the kitchen counter, or maybe after playing fetch your dog is now favoring one of its legs. Sometimes an event such as a fall or a foray into the kitchen trash triggers an episode of pain, but oftentimes, the change can be gradual as your pet ages. When you book a Home Visit, a vet in Portland and a nurse will arrive at your home ready to discuss, observe, and examine your pet in her comfort zone. Many modalities exist for diagnosing and managing pain in our pets. Your BetterVet Portland, Mobile Vet Care veterinary team is available to guide you through your options and help keep your pup or cat happy and pain-free.


Sick Visit
Allergies& Dermatology
Orthopedic Examination
Pain Management
Blood Work
Wellness Exam

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