• Scent work for fun with Sally Gutteridge

    Sally Gutteridge has been a full-time educational writer since 2015, holding a variety of canine certifications up to level 6. She is a former professional Dog Trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and has...

  • My journey as a dog walker with Nathan Dunleavy

    Something for the dog walkers and those who offer 1-2-1 or group walks. From new start ups to expanding your dog walking business! We are joined by Nathan Dunleavy, dog walker mentor to explore his journey with an informal and exciting Q and A:...

  • Training Walks with Kim NoseyBarker

    An exclusive webinar for PPN Members only, diving deep with the best advice all about training walks. MEET YOUR HOST! Kim Kaye, a canine professional for over 12 years, is doggedly obsessed with the bond between dog and caregiver. It is this Jedi focus...

  • Cat behaviour with Katie Gwilt

    Katie is our resident cat holistic groomer, behaviourist and trainer and has proudly hosted a fantastic webinar all about cat behaviour, suitable for all pet professionals. Join the Kat lady as she discusses cat body language, their needs and why they aren’t ‘mini dogs’.

  • Safeguarding for pet professionals and their clients

    Safeguarding is such an important subject… So we are so glad to welcome Gabriella Russo to our community who has presented this really informative webinar on safeguarding. Here’s her introduction and we are glad that she’s provided our community with such important training. Hello!...

  • What is LAT? With collie expert Martina Miradoli

    What is LAT? Look At That is a game from Leslie McDevitt Control Unleashed programme and it’s my favourite and core exercise for a variety of situations and behaviours! Teach your dog how to become a reporter, by telling you every time they see...

  • Resource guarding prevention in puppies

    BIO Adam and Stella run Delders Dogs and provide training services, behaviour consults, puppy classes and online membership. Through their unique view on raising puppies and teaching owners they have prevented countless resource guarding issues and helped owners and their dogs live in harmony....

  • Safety and situational awareness with Gareth Dickinson

    Gareth developed an interest in personal safety and situational awareness and would deliver information sessions to students and is a qualified self defence trainer and conflict management trainer. During this session Gareth will discuss the key aspects of personal safety and situational awareness that...

  • Weekly and yearly planning webinar (with templates)

    We dive deep into your weekly and yearly planning. Featuring the default diary and yearly planner created by Helen Motteram. Help streamline your daily schedule and avoid overwhelm in your pet business! Please check out materials at the top to download all your templates!

  • Seasonal support webinar

    A webinar to support you over the festive period, with content planning, client communication and time off. Our Founder Helen Motteram will be discussing also about how one piece of advice for pets at Christmas got her on the expert panel with BBC Breakfast!

  • Ethical breeding with Clare Andrusyk

    This webinar is not only about how to find a good breeder, its about how to spot potential scammers and bad breeders. Clare who is a breeding mentor and accredited dog trainer will also discuss how trainers and dog professionals can expand what they...

  • Rethinking group dog training with Vicki Main

    Our new series of webinars focusing on rethinking our services – in line to thinking more about the animal in front of us rather than more traditional obedience or pet care. From a business support view how can we get pet parents onboard with...

  • Webinar – life as a veterinary nurse and canine first aid with Rachel Bean

    Rachel has been working professionally with dogs since 1994 starting as a Dogstrust Assistant Kennel Manager before pursuing a career in Veterinary Medicine. Rachel Qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2002 and has been in practice since 1996 In recent years Rachel has followed...

  • Webinar – Ignoring the negativity of the balanced world

    We are proud to welcome Charly Kay who will be discussing how we can focus more on our own business whilst ignoring the negativity of the balanced world. This webinar comes with a certificate at the end and 2 CPD points. About Charly I’m...

  • Webinar – Mastering your Morning Routine

    The way we start our day has a powerful impact on our enjoyment and productivity for the rest of the day. By implementing some simple but highly effective practices you can elevate yourself, which can in turn elevate your business. Proudly hosted by Carri...

  • Webinar – Steps to Fun and Cooperative Grooming with the Holistic Dog Groomer

    Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.

  • Webinar – Border Collie and unwanted chasing behaviours

    Presented by collie specialist Martina Miradoli this webinar looks into the behaviour of the Border Collie and how to help support owners with chasing type behaviours.

We are proud to work in collaboration with and recommend the following

Robin Waite
UK sniffer dogs
Canine Confidence
Do no harm dog training
Positive Dog Training Academy
Canine Hoopers World
Nosey Barker
Canine Principles
Sarah Whitehead
Kids around dogs
The Holistic Grooming Academy
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