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Event Marketing

I’m a big fan of event marketing. This is a way of getting in front of potential clients on or off line. The most effective way is to provide value like free taster meet ups or community events. Marketing is about taking your potential client on a journey, many touch points which build up trust.

Networking & Referrals

Working in collaboration helps build relationships leading to professionals cross referring each others services. These connections take on many forms – a relationship with a dog friendly pub, a support group for vet professionals, meeting up with other dog trainers or walkers.

Case Studies & Testimonials

It’s good to build up a portfolio of recent sessions or walks. If you don’t have any clients yet, you may wish to offer a taster session with family or friends. Use this as a case study, film the dogs enjoying their walk, or the progress you’ve made with the training session.

Email Marketing

I offer value in the form of email marketing. These are regular conversations offering value to my audience through regular tips. The response has been amazing. Taking the time to talk and engage your audience on a regular basis is more likely going to lead then to investing in your services at a later date.

Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook community groups are a relatively new and exciting way to help build trust through offering advice and support to a growing network of dog owners. Used in conjunction with on or off line events, this has proven an incredibly powerful platform to bring me more business.

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